Monday, July 8, 2013

Sound & Shape - Short July/August 2013 Tour

I'm just passing this along as I hope some folks are able to catch Sound & Shape on this brief tour this Summer. I might, but of course none of the dates are in Minnesota unfortunately. But I do recall Ryan mentioning to me they were going to come to Minneapolis last year (or early this year? I forget).

I would still love to see them live, but it'll have to be on a tour down the road.

It is a little odd how the 3 bands I sort of liken to each other in some ways, House of Fools, Bend Sinister and these guys, S&S are the only 1 I have not seen yet (although include Hotel of the Laughing Tree in there as well I suppose).

Tour Dates:

7/29 - Birmingham, AL @ The Nick
           w/Magnets and Ghosts

7/30 - Ocean Springs, MS @ Government Street Grocery
           w/Champion Club

7/31 - Hattiesburg, MS @ Brewsky's
           w/Magnets and Ghosts

8/1 - Shreveport, LA @ Bear's

8/2 - Tuscaloosa, AL @ Green Bar
         w/Magnets and Ghosts

8/3 - Florence, AL @ DP's
         w/An Abstract Theory

8/4 - Nashville, TN @ The High Watt
         w/Magnets and Ghosts

"The power trio Sound & Shape relies on more classic-rock stylings, and are shamelessly prog in their epic musings... The frontman has a great voice that matches the band's complex compositions..."

-By J.R. Taylor/Black&White (Birmingham, Al)

“For just three guys, Sound & Shape have a huge sound that seems to lack nothing except more attention and recognition. If bands like Queens of the Stone Age and Wolfmother can, it’s safe to say that Sound&Shape might be the next to hit it big.”

-By Jonathan Carabba/Submerge Magazine (Sacramento, Ca)

“...Sound&Shape aren’t dicking around trying to get you to bob your head. They’re there to blow your mind.”

-By Valerie Nutt/The Pulse (Murfreesboro, Tn)

“It's not hard to believe the band has been hard at work with hundreds of live shows from 2006 til today, but more incredible is their love for the music they've generated and developed.  They are astonishing.”

-By - Di Francesco Amato/Long Live Rock N Roll (IT)