Sunday, July 14, 2013

I should write an article like this (if I haven't already)

The guy, Jon Hunt, makes a lot of legitimate points.

I've turned my poor wife into a prog rock fan. And she's got *quite* particular taste. I can't just force her to listen to any old damn thing and have her like it; six years into our relationship, and she*still* doesn't love heavy metal, really. But prog rock? Yeah, I've seen her actually put it on the turntable (well, computer) herself. She's proof positive, I think, that if you actually stop and listen to this stuff, you *might* actually like it.

So, The Big Bang Theory (Chuck Lorre), go ahead and start using the prog references/implementing them into some of your shows scripts. Psych I suppose as well, but TBBT IS MAINSTREAM and ABOUT NERDS/SCIFI.

Anyway, I guess this guy claims to be the biggest Michael Nesmith fan in Minnesota, which I will argue for my girlfriend or my friend Diana G as well, but I don't know him too well. Although given this article, I might want to get in touch with him at some point.