Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Worm Machine - Big Trapper [EP] (2012)

4/2/13 12:25AM

So Matt from Zookeeper's Palace and ex-100Ft Snowman mentioned to me the other ex-members of 100FtSnowman have been doing some other new music since their band ended. And I guess this is 1-of if the only projects featuring all the other members now.

And I must say, in just streaming this what appears to be an EP that was released March of 2012, I really do like a lot of it. While it is different than the Snowman stuff in some ways with some of the low-fi elements and minor-key parts, some of these songs lead to those beautiful sections I recall totally going for about the Snowman stuff, or just the music and progressive stuff in general.

In fact, I may get into this more than Zookeeper's Palace. Or maybe equally as much. I do know I want to listen to this more, of course when I do find the time, as I am rather intrigued by hearing this band already. I suppose it's too bad it's a year after it dropped, but it's never too late.

It appears this  EP a free download by the way.


Big Trapper cover art

1. While You're Here 05:12
2. So Much More 02:57
3. Heavy On My Chest 03:03
4. Hate Time 04:03
5. Gliddian 03:47
6. Nowhere to the Unkown 05:14