Friday, April 19, 2013

Rush: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction (Entry 1?)

1-story they are featured.

I watched a boatload of Rush videos last night on Youtube (and am hardly done yet!, lol), but I have yet to see these. I still say, having Dave Grohl induct them (as opposed to many other, more obvious artists they influenced or more entertaining even like Jack Black or Stephen Colbert, would have been better.

But that being said, I am looking forward to watching these and other videos. The HBO broadcast:

1) why is it on HBO? most people, including I'm sure a ton of Rush and other RandRHOF inductees, don't have HBO. I would hope it'll be streamable online soon after it airs on their exclusive/overly-expensive channel.

2) Why is it not airing until 1-month later? Talk about not living in the moment.

Some comments on suggested it'll be poorly edited, which it may, but you figure, given it IS HBO, it wouldn't have to be.