Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Red Paintings - You're Not One of Them [Video]

Cool video and song. My memory escapes how much if any content I've included about this band in the past. The long story short is, they're an Australian "Art Rock" band I first heard about at least 3 maybe 4 or 5 years ago per my friend Hayley on the Ours fans forum I think.

Stylistically, they are kind of similar to the likes of Muse and Amanda Palmer I suppose, although that is probably quite vague still. I actually am reminded in some ways of a band like Revere, fellow/former Aussie band Battle Circus (RIP), or NewVillager with that video as well.

They have 1 LP The Virgin Mary Australian Tour Acoustic/Strings Album  and a bunch of EP's released since their formation in 1999. But ever since I've known about them, they have meant to release the album The Revolution is Never Coming but have not due to various circumstances. 

I almost have got to the point to not caring. However, it seems like 2013 could be the year for that and more for them, as I am going to get to see them live next week on April 25th, at (for the 1st time for myself) Mill City Nights, opening for Mindless Self Indulgence (a band who I likely won't stick around to see).

And maybe the biggest reason I am looking forward to that show is how they are known for their live shows, maybe visually more than musically. "Art Rock" maybe in the truest sense. Ala Cloud Cult, dredg, Amanda Palmer, Jenny Dalton and others. I am expecting something more than just some guys singing and playing their instruments.

And hopefully more specifics about their long-awaited album. I suppose one thing to note which I didn't realize, is they are now residing in Los Angeles, CA. They have for the past few years in fact, but that still doesn't detract for how rare it may be to see them live in Minnesota at least.