Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Cloud Caverns - Blind Willow [EP] (2013)

Blind Willow cover art

1. Nutmeg & Cinnamon 03:13
2. Incandenza's Wraith 05:22
3. Keystrokes 02:21
4. The World 03:22
5. Unto Ourselves 04:56

Brandon Peterson of Hotel of the Laughing Tree has posted some stuff on Facebook about the project the last few days. It's kind of an Acoustic Folk project, which in and of itself sounds like it could be kind of a dime-a-dozen. But there's a subtle element that I hear, that I recognize from some of the quieter/acoustic HOTLT tunes.

I guess Hotel's singer AJ Estrada also did the cover art.

The other member of the project is a musician named Dan Bouza, who I guess produced according to the bandcamp.

This is nice, and should tide the Hotel fans over hopefully until Mammoth Skin Part 2 comes, potentially later this year.