Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Valid Criticism: 89.3 The Current

MPR’s The Current Plays the Same Old Tune

my facebook post a bit ago:

This a good article, as well as THIS (http://www.crookedsaws.com/2013/04/15/what-happened-with-the-current/ ) about sad reality of what 89.3 is (and to an extent WHAT IT COULD BE, BUT IS NOT). I have written many times about this in my blog (allmediareviews.blogspot.com ..just search "89.3" among other tags). I might think, like Pitchfork hypocrisy with Metal, it may actually take someone The Current likes and RESPECTS TO CALL THEM OUT for them to actually change and at least come close to what they could be.

The 1st thing I think they could and should do though is get rid of the snob-ish impression and influence they seem to narcissistically force down the music community in this town's throat.

Not that I would go out of my way to find these kinds of articles on a regular basis. And I'll reiterate/admit, after the Music Meeting a few months ago, hating on 89.3, maybe mostly the people involved, I sort of feel has lost much of it's steam/fire to me.

But, the articles I just found, are probably still worth adding to the support of the lack of interest in their station. Probably in their influence on the music community in town here (along with Citypages, First Ave and even The Electric Fetus a bit..the local music hipster monopoly, and how they have sort of hijacked venues I used to love like The Varsity Theater and The Cedar Cultural Center to an extent).

But here's what I put up on Facebook after my gf shared it earlier. I do side with her about 1 little thing, being the shot at Fountains of Wayne. Not that I love them, but they are not as indicative of the problem with 89.3's playlist and countless others.

But I may have to get in touch or become acquainted with Matt Peiken and Opine Season in some way. I don't think he mentioned there about still being involved with KFAI, but perhaps I could still be in contact with him per the station.