Sunday, April 28, 2013

Arsis - Sunglasses at Night (Tech/Death meets 80's Pop, LOL)

This is just too good to not share. One of countless examples of the idea "they should make a Metal version" of said song. Or "Some Metal/Death Metal band should cover that song" ..which sounds funny/interesting in theory, but rarely if ever happens. But in this case, it actually did happen, haha.

As far as the new Arsis record, it's called Unwelcome and it drops this coming Tuesday. Why I never got around to including anything about it in here, per lack of knowing, not finding their last record 2010's Starve for the Devil all that amazing even had I known about it. But I should now check it out, not only due to the fact they included this highly unexpected cover song, but also just a bit more curiosity on where they are now given they found inspiration from something so out of left-field like Corey Hart, lol.