Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Face-Twitter-Book Post of the day...The Dear Hunter > Deerhunter

I Would love to hear music from on and today because they sort of have a new album out today. But I imagine Pigs will fly first.


of all dates, tonight, on the release date of Migrant, Deerhunter appears on Jimmy Fallon. Ironies, lol.

There's even a Facebook group/campaign to get The Dear Hunter on the show, lol.

I just want to add also that Deerhunter sucks ass. Their music is fucking boring, and  it has and probably always will be a disgusting add-on thing to mention every time I say the name The Dear Hunter to someone unfamiliar with The Dear Hunter, to have to distinguish between the two bands.

It would be wonderful if Bradford Cox would retire the name Deerhunter once and for all, and stick to his other projects like Atlas Sound and the music under his own name.

But the fact there's today and yesterday the many mentions on twitter and the blogosphere about Deerhunter, the very day/week that Migrant comes out, almost makes me wonder if it was intentional. I mean certainly, Cox and Deerhunter I'm sure would never admit to any idea of a planned thing such as that, but they appear on Fallon the very day of Migrant smells of some pathetic conspiracy. And even if not, it adds fuel to my Deerhunter (and Deerhunter vs The Dear Hunter) hating fire. And how TDH continue to be ignored and not receive the deserved exposure/credit that they/Casey in a lot of ways deserves (although of course there's the counter argument that the longer they stay underground, the better I suppose..that doesn't stop me from being annoyed that there's all this name dropping of the vastly inferior band with a similar name).