Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wikipedia: "New Prog" article gone

scratching my head a bit as to why this listing on Wikipedia: has been merged with into this little sub-text here:

Why? I follow why it helps to LINK them, but to entirely remove a page on Wikipedia?

Although admittedly, the term "new prog" ("nu prog") or "post prog" never has made much more sense than "indie" or "alternative" to me.

The term I often use, and think it would be nice to adopt is "college prog" and "college rock" in general, as I'm sure I've explained many times before.

The term "college" doesn't necessarily mean the music is from bands in college (or directed towards people in college per say), but it was the 1st term used in the early 1980's for this kind of music. "college rock"

All the terms that have come since are in no way more accurate, so why can't the original term just be used and leave it at that? I guess that would sound silly, lol.

But what is sad about someone on Wikipedia merging that article is how it now truncates this whole genre of sorts as one small part of the history of progressive rock. And, of course this Blog and a resourceful rateyourmusic list here was linked there.

I suppose adding them to that main page might not hurt, but it still begs the question why exactly was the page with them merged or removed to begin with.

Maybe I should create a page titled "College Prog" and edit in something about it on the College Rock Wikipedia page.