Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Amanda Palmer and The Grand Theft Orchestra - TBA (2012)

5/1/12 3:52PM
Kickstarter Campaign which will go for another 30 days, that has nearly tripled her/the $100,000 goal.
edit: The Kickstarter Campaign is linked here
I put in $25. I hope this record comes close to as amazing as she sounds like it is. I guess if it's as good or better than Who Killed Amanda Palmer? I'm thinking that is more than worth it.

4/18/12 9:44PM

Not sure if the name of the record will be "Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra" "Amanda Palmer and The Grand Theft Orchestra" or just "The Grand Theft Orchestra." But whatever the EXACT name is, its a debut record expected in September. Kickstarter campaign coming in the next few weeks according to that.

I am a fan of The Dresden Dolls and of course her solo record Who Killed Amanda Palmer? from 2008. Evelyn Evelyn and the recent live record? not so much. But I'm rather curious reading about this.

to catch you up....brian and i (aka, ahem, THE DRESDEN DOLLS) rocked australia and new zealand hardcore, including a show where we played the violent femmes' debut album in its goddamned entirety with the femmes' bassist Brian Ritchie, and brought Richard O'Brien (creator of the Rocky Horror Show) on stage with us to Do the Time Warp. (Again?).

since then, i've been working night and day on a GIANT NEW RECORD with my band The Grand Theft Orchestra. we finished recording in melbourne, australia, about two weeks ago, and now i'm holed up in dallas with producer extraordinaire John Congleton (who some of you may know from his band The Paper Chase…or from his production on albums with St. Vincent, Murder By Death, Modest Mouse, Xiu Xiu, and MANY awesome others). we're almost done. i cannot wait for you to hear this shit. it's unlike anything i've ever done and if i am allowed to say it (fuck…of course i'm allowed to say it), it's the best thing i've ever made. it's a masterpiece....and the best kind of masterpiece, a collaborative one. my band KILLED, Chad Raines (the GTO guitarist) arranged the horns, Jherek Bischoff (the GTO bassist) is in seattle as we speak arranging and recording the strings, Michael McQuilken (the GTO drummer) did a ton of programming and basically everybody's crazy brains colliding to create a sonic explosion of awesome.

it's hard to describe what the record sounds like....but take my first solo album (who killed amanda palmer), both dresden dolls' records, add in a lot of mid-era cure and depeche mode, sprinkle on the cars greatest hits and some gary numan, then add a layer of my bloody valentine and swans and you've got a vague idea. it's LOUD. it's BIG. and it's totally awesome. it'll come out to the general public this septemberish. but true to form....i will bring it to you guys first.
in about two weeks (right around MY BIRFDAY), i'll be launching a Kickstarter project for pre-ordering.
if you're not familiar with Kickstarter yet, HERE is a video i did for FUSE talking about why it's awesome.
the packages available are going to consist of ALL sorts of beautiful ART (including, of course, the standard digital/CD/vinyl options).
EVERY package we sell via this Kickstarter campaign is going to be a limited edition backer-only version. that means different (and fancier) packaging than will be available to the public at retail, bonus content and all sorts of other unique madness which we're having LOTS of fun dreaming up. this stuff will NEVER be available in stores or online again. welcome to the future.
i don't want to say much more…just wanted you to be prepared. once the kickstarter campaign launches, all sorts of amazing things will start to unravel…and they'll unravel bestest for the people who get in on the ground up.