Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Arch/Matheos - 4/28/12 Live in Germany

No, I didn't get to see this show on Saturday, nor am I going to be able to fly to Hartford, CT for the show coming up sadly. But I think it's worth passing a little bit about it along.

setlist.fm link

Neurotically Wired
Midnight Serenade
The Sorceress
Stained Glass Sky
The Apparition
Any Given Day/Strangers Like Me


edit if there is any surprise/disappointment I suppose is the lack of material off A Twist of Fate, but given the band may not have been able to learn that so soon, it's understandable.

Both of these videos are actually beyond impressive, namely for John Arch. He really sounds terrific live. I actually am pretty certain I have never heard "Epitaph" live, so this is the 1st time. Although they didn't play the outro with the synths, I can't complain nor be surprised about that.

Suppose this is bitter-sweet given I won't be seeing that show in Hartford, but perhaps this will lead to a few more shows in a year or 2 at least. John Arch really looks like he is enjoying playing live again, which was not clear going in.