Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kimbra talks about US version of Vows?..a little

Kimbra's facebook post

Kimbra sat down with to talk about the new songs on VOWS, the visual experience in her music and more! Vows is out now:

that post on Facebook mentioning the new songs on the US version of Vows, as this video shows, are only vaguely and briefly mentioned at the beginning. And I think most importantly, there is no explanation for the reason behind the such dramatic track list difference.

Maybe I haven't posted it yet in here, but I should now. The 2012 American release of Vows I'm pretty certain is inferior to the 2011 original Australian/New Zealand release. Primarily for 2 reasons.

1) the track list difference. Not so much due to the new songs being poor, as they are not really. But not including many tracks that made the 2011 original release work. And THE FLOW does not work for the new version as well, as a result. "Withdraw" "Wandering Limbs" "Call Me" "Limbo" and even the ending hidden track "Somebody Please" are a big reason why that version is great.

2) the mix is a bit too hot, not only on the new songs, but the original tracks sound slightly more compressed.

I will say, the live "Plain Gold Ring" on the US version is an improvement, but not enough.

Now, I'm making no mistake, both versions of Vows are great, and the US version is still not a bad record. And I am glad there are a number of new tracks, especially "Sally I Can See You," do add some to this re-release. But I wish she had just released this version with the original track listing and MIXES, and then just included many if not all of the new songs as Bonus Tracks or on a 2nd CD.

But I do wonder if the record label pushed her into how the US version came out. It would be nice to have someone ask more specifically about that in DETAIL. But this video piece, while nice, does not really.