Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Gatherer - So Be It (2012)

5/1/12 11:04AM

Red Tape Records Link expiring at 6PM? Central on Thursday Evening 5/3/12

1 International Getaway 2:13
2 Mr. 2:21
3 Elvis Horizon 2:29
4 Thrive 3:58
5 So Be It 2:07
6 Regular Frontier 3:33
7 Camp Creative 5:29
8 Hammer 3:16
9 Building Houses 3:25
10 Cavalier 3:04
11 Sinister 4:06
12 DDPXL 5:14

Pre-order page

Gatherer is a familiar feeling, delivered with unfamiliar sound. Beautifully haunting melodies, complex rhythms and a wall of sound so huge it’s hard to comprehend.

On the road, Gatherer has shared the stage with bands such as …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead, The Getaway Plan, Fear Before, La Dispute and a slew of other international acts. Gatherer's unique sound, combined with a ferocious, passionate live show, finds them not fitting in with any pre-existing crowd, but creating their own.

May 2nd marks the release of Gatherer's debut album, So Be It. Filled with ironic optimism and tongue in cheek backlash, less sporadic but still that little bit outrageous, So Be It will introduce a whole new world of sound to deliver what will ultimately be an 12-song epic.

For the next 48 hours, So Be It is up as a special 'pay what you want' download. The album can also be streamed and pre-ordered from their label, Red Tape Records, at redtaperecords.bandcamp.com

The physical release on Red Tape Records will be in stores on 1st June, via Fuse Distribution, and Elevenfiftyseven Records in New Zealand.

Can't fucking wait to hear this thing! I am really enjoying both the Gatherer singles and even This City Sunrise stuff. So this debut record has my attention and hopes.

Gotta give props to Kimbra again for introducing me to this band!

4/10/12 5:16AM

Kimbra just posted this on Twitter:
A treat for my prog-rockin' fans (I know ur out there)! Introducing the amazing @gatherernz: http://tinyurl.com/88xrmst. Go follow them! #NewMusic

Kind of curious. They sound a little amelodic; almost Crimsony but also perhaps with a hint of grunge. But I'm curious. I guess they were known as "This City Sunrise" and released 2 EPs and 1 full-length (according to this link from iTunes), before officially changing their name.

They're from New Zealand I guess, and this debut record of sorts is the 1st release to come out on "Red Tape Records," on May 7th.

Kimbra's taste has been scoring rather high of late, as evidence in her mentioning the likes of Mew, The Mars Volta and The Dear Hunter. I'm hoping she's right about this group as well.