Monday, August 22, 2011

Vuvuzela - TBA (2011)

8/11/11 12:35AM - 8/16/11 4:30AM, 8/22/11 12:28PM

Kickstarter campaign is a Success! Sometimes, you can't be sure how unlikely $ may come in, even down the stretch. Can't frigging wait to hear their ep.

See the page

$2,190 and there's still about 34 hours to go!

an updated video from the other day. 7 days left and about $1600 to go. Odds?

I guess I'm not sure if I understand the thinking or projections for some of these Kickstarter campaigns. The amount of $ I get, at least to a point. But the AMOUNT OF TIME I rarely follow. $2,100, while not an outrageous amount, in a few weeks or even a month, really is a bit high for such a short window of time. I suppose had they mentioned the kickstarter thing many times over the last few months, and then launched it on August 1st or whatever date they did recently, at least the pre-campaign campaign would have been done.

A few other campaigns that I tried to help out, that failed, ran into the same problem. Now one of them being Water & Bodies album, ended up being relaunched and lowering the goal, and was successful the 2nd time around. Perhaps if this initial Vuvuzela Kickstarter campaign isn't successful, they'll try again like Water & Bodies and have success the 2nd time around.

But in the mean time, perhaps a lot more help will come in down the stretch here over the next week. I guess we'll see.

just pledged $25 to their campaign. 5-8 songs they want to start recording on August 24th. They need $2,150 to reach their goal by the end of the 23rd. I hope a lot of the Kiss Kiss fans find out about this SOON.

4/19/11 10:59PM

Assuming they reach their goal for the campaign, this should have a chance to come out this year. New songs sound nice.

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