Friday, August 26, 2011

The Reign of Kindo welcomed by Brazil

8/24/11 5:23PM - 8/26/11 2:01PM
Check out this update. I suppose their next album could somehow make it out in 2011 afterall. If not, likely the 1st quarter of 2012.

facebook update

we've been individually and/or together demoing for the new cd... and pretty unbelievably excited about it so far. but this week was the final straw. danny was inspired by all the stories/pictures/videos of the brazil trip, and sent an idea that literally made me scream. a lot. at babies. many babies. so that's it, we're done waiting. time to start recording the next album. -s

niice. Now hopefully they will find their way out to my home in MINNESOTA soon.

Also, the quality isn't too great, but there's a few videos from their show in July DVD show on Youtube. When that's released? my guess would be 1st quarter of 2011.