Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Amoeba Records interviews Doctor Who

Nice interview! I imagine it was convenient to do when Matt Smith and Karen Gillan were appearing at Comic-Con in July. Sadly, I have not seen more than 1st part of the Series 6 Premiere thus far, and didn't even know there'd be a *spoiler* in this interview revealed.

But so be it. Having finally watched the Psych Season 6 episode Dual Spires tonight, and being completely caught-up with that show (and now really, even more wanting to watch/revisit Twin Peaks, given that episodes cast and obvious theme), I am kind of wanting to catch-up on Doctor Who. Funny too, as the two stars agree on the band "The Who" given the name of the show, lol.

Now, if only Cheapo or The Electric Fetus could bring those two, or any other television series stars in for a similar kind of appearance or interview. But we don't have anything as big as San Diego's Comic-Con I suppose.