Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Vuvuzela - (Kiss Kiss's Josh and James new project)

Vuvuzela Facebook page

Josh had this to say on facebook.

Hey Guys. Josh here. Been working on the Vuvuzela demos in order to prep for recording. Prog rock on Harp, Piano, Upright Bass, Drums and Accordion. Fuck yeah.

So, this is one of 3, 4, or maybe more projects from members of the on semi-hiatus band Kiss Kiss. A band I happen to be a huge fan of, and one of the 1st artists I ever wrote about in this blog (not the livejournal 2006-earlier) in fact.

But given Josh is a big part of the Kiss Kiss sound, being their singer and guitarist, this sample actually reminds me of Kiss Kiss.

But only along with James O'Keeffe on Upright Bass, they are not a group that includes the other members of Kiss Kiss, so, it's not Kiss Kiss still. Perhaps it may resemble them how Apparatjik resembled Mew to a point.

No matter, the sample sounds good, the stuff on their facebook page has me awfully curious. And if the next Kiss Kiss is still a ways away, this is certainly something to keep an eye on. Their debut release (EP or LP?)_may be coming this year in fact, so it's great to keep tabs on them as often as possible.