Thursday, May 27, 2010

Summer TV Schedule


-Sons of Tuscon (Returns 6/6 FOX 6:30PM) Tyler Labine show that was 86'ed. The un-aired episodes are going to air.
-True Blood (Returns 6/13 HBO)
-Breaking Bad (AMC 8PM. Season 3 Finale 6/13)
-Scoundrels (Premieres 6/20 ABC 8PM) The new show with Virginia Madsen.
-The Gates (Premieres 6/20 ABC 9PM) The new vampire show with Rhona Mitra.
-My Boys (Premieres 7/25 TBS 9PM) the final season.


-The Good Guys (Premieres 6/7 FOX 8PM)


-Memphis Beat (Premieres 6/22) The new Jason Lee show on TNT
-Warehouse 13 (Returns 7/6 SyFy 8PM). A crossover episode with "Eureka" is happening in August.
-White Collar (Returns 7/13 USA Network 8PM)
-Covert Affairs (Premieres 7/13 USA Network 9PM)
-Caprica (Returns 9/17 which is a Friday? or on Tuesdays in October on SyFy)


-In Plain Sight (USA Network 9PM)
-Psych (Returns 7/14 USA Network 8PM)


-Burn Notice (Returns 6/3 USA Network, 8PM)
-Royal Pains (Returns 6/3 USA Network 9PM). Marcia Gay-Harden joins the cast and Henry Winkler is going to be a guest.


-Doctor Who (BBC America 8PM. 7/10 is the Series/Season 5 Finale)
-Being Human (Returns 7/24 on BBC America)


-World Cup Soccer Fri 6/11 through Sun 7/11
-Golf US Open 6-17-6/20 British Open 7/15-7/18 PGA 8-12-815
-NBA Draft Thurs 6/24