Thursday, May 20, 2010

Local Natives on 89.3 (from Monday 5/17/10)

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St. Paul, Minn. — Everyone from Stereogum to Pitchfork has been heavily recommending Local Natives to the music world for the last year, and they're right.

Mixing Americana templates with a sunny L.A. outlook, Local Natives' debut record, "Gorilla Manor," has given them the chance to go from Silver Lake to the clubs around the country. Local Natives dropped in The Current studios for a live performance.

Songs performed: "Wide Eyes," "Sticky Thread," and "Airplanes."

They did "Sticky Thread" which of course was the only track off Gorilla Manor they weren't able to play the other night.

good performance of course, and actually the interview wasn't bad either. "Americana mixed with Sunny LA." That one is vague. Of course the word prog or art-rock never comes up. But I will maintain, they are as effective at genre-blending as any progressive rock out there. The media and blogs just either don't realize it, or even if they believed it, they wouldn't want to use the p-word. Cowards.

They're going to be releasing "World News" as a single in July, plus they were just at Daytrotter again and from what Taylor told me, they're some cool re-arranged songs they recorded there which should be released soon.