Friday, May 14, 2010

Kaura - That Which Defines Us (2010)

5/14/10 1:27AM

from their facebook:

KAURA We will be posting a link so you can purchase a Special Advance Deluxe CD/DVD version of our debut album next week. Stay Tuned!
April 27 at 1:25pm ·

good to see the artwork, but of course there is nothing apparently about where or when to purchase this record still, over 2 weeks after they posted that. I'm sure it'll come out, but when who knows. I'm not sure how much I care. On 1 hand, the songs they had on myspace for a few years sound good, but I could easily call them a blatant Tool-clone + some strings. I suppose my feeling isn't all that different than it is/was about Dead Letter Circus, and they've more or less left my doghouse and their debut album is as good if not a lot better than I expected.

Perhaps Kaura will surprise and impress me as well. At least they took their time to try (although Janus did as well, so who knows).

3/25/10 7:00AM


no time to go into detail about this band and pretty long awaited full-length debut album. But apparently that is the title and it'll be available at some upcoming gigs they are doing in April. Of course those concerts are in California where they are from.