Thursday, May 13, 2010

notes and more to come.

I have those movie reviews to post and at least a few blogs about music. I've been catching up on tv of late too. Lost is almost over and Breaking Bad is winding down and close to end of it's season as well. I just am a bit depressed about epic/episodic story-arc tv shows not really being around now with Lost gone. BSG is over already, Caprica is good, but not as intriguing at this stage as BSG was (yet). And Fringe has gotten better, but it's still not Lost or even BSG really. But at least it's gone from watchable to intriguing.

And of course next week is the fall lineup announcements. I suppose along with posting that whole thing (or what is each day by network) it should be worth adding some more of the Summer calendar stuff. When Royal Pains, Burn Notice, White Collar and Psych (along with Covert Affairs) will air. I'm totally behind In Plain Sight still along with Parenthood and V. Hopefully not for long. But also returning this Summer are Warehouse 13 on SyFy and I'm still assuming My Boys, which I guess is the final season with Jordana Spiro starring in a new NBC show I guess next fall/year.

Speaking of, here's a list of shows I hope to see now and/or in the future.

Sellevision: Bryan Fuller fictional show about a home shopping network. It's Bryan Fuller. That's all I need to know.

The Star Wars live-action show: imdb says it's slated for 2011 now. Set between Episode III and IV and it's supposed to focus on the minor characters i.e. not Luke, Leah, Han Solo or even Vader I guess. Just kill off JarJar at least.

Party Down: Rob Thomas of Veronica Mars and Cupid among other work has been doing this show at least for a year. The cast and guest stars are people I really enjoy. It's on the Starz! network which I don't get, but the 1st Season is probably on DVD now and/or online hulu or another site to stream. I along with Daria and some other shows, am going to have to try and make en effort to watch over the Summer.

Undercover: a new JJ Abrams show which is described like a Mr and Mrs. Smith the tv show, or a more serious/dramatic version of Chuck if he was married to Sarah.

True Blood: I may sign up for HBO just for this over the Summer. It returns soon, like maybe even in June.

Bryan K Vaughan has not worked on Lost this season. I'm not sure if his presence would have helped, but so be it. Imdb does list feature length movies for "Y: The Last Man" "Ex Machina" and "Runaways" among others for him. Joss Whedon may be involved in some of those, namely Runaways, which I believe both of them along with a few others were writers. As long as the casting is ok, I'm totally looking forward to those. But Shia LeBeauf as Yorick better not happen in Y: The Last Man.