Thursday, May 13, 2010

Preview/Overview: Emanuel and the Fear - Listen (2010)

okay, given I've been on vacation for the past week, and will still be until Monday May 17th, some of the music I might want to thoroughly or at least more accurately talk about in here and/or review, well I'd rather wait.

But, at least it's worth bringing some of this stuff up.

Emanuel and the Fear is a new band who a friend of mine on suggested a few weeks ago. This friend also really enjoys Apes and Androids like I do. And I guess the best thing to do is copy/paste how they described them.

Hey, have you checked out Emanuel and The Fear yet? They're a rock orchestra from NY. Very cool and kind of prog-rock and remind me a lot of Apes and Androids, a little bit sound wise, but also with how they're kind of taking an existing genre and making it their own.

so that description sounds totally up my alley. I listened to their debut album "Listen" once and liked some of it, but wasn't entirely sold due to it being a "Rock Opera." But in playing it once more, and finally with headphones, I liked it more.

I've posted on some of the forums, I think among the new albums I have heard in 2010, the best thing clearly is The River Empires 88-minute epic debut record. And the 2nd best is the Lehto & Wright album "Children's Songs." And among my top 10-15, Foals and I would possibly include Dead Letter Circus as pleasant surprises that belong pretty high up.

But this record from Emanuel and the Fear, may potentially get addictive and thus may be the 1st real challenge to The River Empires in the race right now.

I've thought to myself, what may end up happening in 2010, may be similar to 2008 with TRE album may end up being like Apes and Androids, and Emanuel and the Fear being like The Stiletto Formal or Burst. A damn good record, that in another year would finish on top, but the same year something even better and landmark comes out.

But I bought a copy of "Listen" already for under $2 on Amazon.

1. The Introduction 2:12
2. Guatemala 3:38
3. Ariel And The River 5:25
4. Jimme's Song (Full Band Version) 5:24
5. Duckies 0:16
6. Free Life 3:52
7. Dear Friend 4:18
8. Yo, Jåmin 0:31
9. Trucker Lovesong 5:40
10. Baclony 6:44
11. Whatever You Do 4:08
12. Bridges And Ladies 0:16
13. The Raiman 5:13
14. Same Way 3:33
15. Simple Eyes 4:03
16. Song For A Girl 3:34
17. The Finale 5:47
18. Look Ma, The Walls Are Moving! 0:23
19. Razzmatazz 3:49

hopefully a true review and feeling on how good this album is will come soon, along with a 1st half of 2010 index report of some kind.