Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Local Natives in Minneapolis 5/17/2010

I just got back from an epic show tonight in Minneapolis. They did the entire Gorilla Manor save for "Sticky Thread" (ironically, the song I probably wanted to see most. Good things come to those who wait?) And had it not been for some power issues, they probably would have included that in the set. That was definitely the most memorable of the 4 times I've seen them. The 400 Bar only holds a couple hundred people, their next show here they will definitely be playing at a larger venue.

The 400 Bar either doesn't have AC, or theirs broke. It was comparable to Station 4. Like a sauna as they said throughout their set. But regardless, they had their normal high-energy set.

Some 275 tickets were sold I guess.

I got to chat with some of the guys afterward as well. Taylor, Matt, Andy and Kelcey even. Ryan I don't think I even saw after the show.

I encounter many new fans of course, although some old ones. The *originals*..this guy John and his wife brother I think who know the band like me, going back to that 1st show in St.Paul in 2007.

1st Ave is the word on where they'll likely play. Mute Math did. Fair to Midland may as well. I guess it's a little like my feeling on all the reviews. I'd rather see them at the Varsity or even The Cedar, but I know 1st Ave would benefit them the most. Necessary Evil. Just hopefully it won't fall on a Friday or Saturday night. They mentioned probably in October.

The opener, "Suckers" who actually did a cool remix recently of LN's song "Wide Eyes" actually weren't bad. I'll probably check out their full-length when it drops next month.

The only sour note I guess is the fact I purchased 2 new tee-shirts from them, and could only find one, when I got home. Maybe someone turned it in there, but otherwise I donated an extra $15 to them, which I don't mind, but it sort of sucks because I really liked the way that new white t-shirt looked.