Saturday, May 15, 2010

Jimmy Gnecco live 5/14/2010..Howler

I posted this little review on the killtheband forum when I got back last night.

I did acquire the new 7inch vinyl single and a new white-tee of course. My gawd, the production on these new songs is just perfect. This track "Patiently Waiting" is stunning. The single of course came with a download code for the 2 songs off the vinyl and another 3rd video performance of "It's Only Love."

I should add, I really do enjoy getting to share some time with Jimmy after the shows. Although I often feel like I wished I'd asked or said 1 or 2 things differently to him. But I'm not sure it matters to him. I really take a lot for him recognizing me, even if it's just for being the guy who he pulled up on stage a few years ago to play drums on for "Worst Things Beautiful."

It's also great to hear he will be back with a band under his name/supporting his album I'd presume.

just got back a bit ago. It was a pretty long afternoon/evening as I went to see a matinee at Lagoon Theater and then saw a friend of mine's 1 of many band's called "Howler" play in uptown at "The Beat" all prior to heading to The Entry tonight.

I sat/waited through Greg Laswell's set until 12:45am to have a few words with Jimmy. In retrospect, I probably shouldn't have, but so be it.

Set List

Here is the Light
Bring You Home
Light on the Grave
The Bells
The Heart

I noticed Gravity in some other sets, I know he didn't do that one. The song I didn't recognize he didn't announce was Light on the Grave, which based on some other sets, I'd guess that was in there.

I didn't realize he has/had been working on "The Bells" since 1996.

The biggest highlight, among many, was The Heart. Some of the acoustic fretboard work in the outro was masterful. I'm pretty curious how the studio version came out now with that.

watch the last 20 seconds or so of this.

I talked to Jimmy a bit before the show as he was outside helping a girl who used to be on the old forum I guess, who I've seen at almost every show he's been here since I've been a fan (2005). Her real name is Beth. But he allowed her to bring her bike inside and downstairs when she noticed she forgot her bike lock.

I did vaguely ask Jimmy about Ours, but he didn't have much to add other than they've written a little. But he did say he plans to tour later this year with the full-band. I guess that means Static and a drummer? I'm not sure.

I also asked him about Living In a Video and Wished For None. He didn't say anything about the latter, but he either said he recently finished a video for a song, or that song. I wasn't clear. Probably a video from something off The Heart.

As for Greg Laswell and Brian Wright. I can't say they were awful, but I'd be lying if seeing them was more than just killing time.

One thing that added to my feeling about downtown (along with Uptown and The West Bank) on Fridays and Saturdays..when I got back to my car around 1:20am, there were cop cars down the street. I was talking to some people who confirmed there was a stabbing. wtf. Murderopolis? We're not supposed to be NYC at these hours. i-don-t-get-it. I suppose had I left the show during Laswell's performance, I might have witnessed it, so I guess that's a relief, if there is any.

It was also good to see (bug :p) April Bauer again. I guess I can expect to see her on any tour now as I'm not sure how many times she's been in town with Ours and Jimmy, but I want to say at least 3.

edit: I got my vinyl copy of Bring You Home of course and it included a card that says "download an intimate video performance of "It's Only Love," one of 15 songs from "THE HEART."

Jimmy also mentioned 15 (not 13) songs on the album to me.

okay, here's the track list I've seen pretty much everywhere

01. Rest Your Soul
02. Light on the Grave
03. Mystery
04. The Heart
05. Bring You Home
06. These Are My Hands
07. Gravity
08. I Heard Your Singing
09. Take a Chance
10. Darling
11. Patiently Waiting
12. It’s Only Love
13. Talk to Me

so there are 2 more songs that weren't reported?..bonus tracks? I'm curious and wondering if "The Bells" is supposed to be on the album.

Maybe to add a word or 2 about Jordan Gatesmith, one of Minnesota youngest and brightest musical talents. The show I saw last night was another one of his bands "Howler." Despite the sauna-like conditions and the fact The Beat I'm not sure works for electric music too well (I only was there one other time seeing Jenny Dalton alone with her keyboard and a mic). Howler impressed me enough. I'd describe as sort of garage power-pop.

They had a free 4(5) song demo available at the show.
Howler Facebook Wall

I suppose it's also worth adding, last night was supposed to be the release show for We Valedictorians "The Goon" but that, I would hope for good reason, will be in the near future. The record is done anyway, Jordan and the others just need to do all the logistical busy work to put it out and have a release show to go along with it.

The movie I caught was "Exit Through the Giftshop," and a review should be coming rather soon about it. I'll add here, it definitely lived up to how good it appeared from the trailers.