Saturday, October 26, 2013

Twin Cities Metal Blog

At the Between the Buried and Me concert a few weeks ago, I met a guy who like me, keeps a blog about the music he feels deserves some recognition. Music, specifically Metal hence the name. He was kind enough to pass a link and write a little bit about myself on his blog here:

And so I am returning the favor. As his "About" mentions, he used to publish a physical zine that I imagine covered a lot of what this blog of his now does. And it received a fair amount of distribution, being at places like Hot Topic, Virgin Megastores and Tower Records among others I imagine. I suppose I wonder if he was based in another town at 1 point, or like my friend That Drummer Guy, maybe he published and covered a lot of music that wasn't necessarily based in Minnesota. It's just he was, and thus the zine was made here.

But in that sense, I get the sense he can relate to me, unlike many other (music) blog writers in Minnesota, in that he covers a lot (maybe mostly) music/Metal that isn't from here. And the local connections are mostly from THE TOURS that do come to town.

Which is one thing I never got about all-local music radio shows and sites like at least considering INCLUDING LOCAL EVENTS even if the music is not from artists that are/were from Minnesota. Because for whatever reason, a lot of the best music I and a lot of other folks enjoy, tour here, but aren't from here. But because they at least PLAY LIVE HERE, and in some cases QUITE OFTEN (Fair to Midland for example), they should be regarded as PART OF THE MUSIC EVENTS/SCENE HERE. At least in my mind, and I suspect in the Twin Cities Metal Blog owner's mind.

That's not saying there is not a lot of good local music in Minnesota, including Metal, such as bands like After the Burial, Deretla, Iron Thrones (RIP), The Royal Veil, Maeth, and others. But when referring to the music people are into here, including Metal, it's silly not to also include the live shows/tours and radio shows like The Root of All Evil (and Locust Lecture on Radio K, although that may not be around anymore sadly).

Anyway, it's cool to have met and made a contact with someone else in town blogging about music, and not catering what he includes to be about what's popular or hip, even in Metal circles. That Drummer Guy I'm sure knows him and it would be fun to see them both at some event and talk. Perhaps even on an Epic Rock Talk. Unfortunately, TDG has been battling some medical issues the last couple of months, and his activity and stuff like his radio show and the little podcast we have tried to do, have to likely be put on hold until things come around on his front (and mine in terms of free time I suppose).

But hopefully I'll run into the TC Metal Blog writer at another show or 2, even though my focus doesn't include that much Metal comparably to his or That Drummer Guy. But still enough where I might still see him, or even just be in contact online. I dunno, for even suggested music. I wonder if he's a fan of East of the Wall and heard their new album for example (I will admit, I still have not).