Saturday, October 26, 2013

Nicole Atkins - Slow Phaser (2014?)

This is not a new announcement or anything as this campaign I believe was 1st launched about 2 or 3 weeks ago. I saw it and meant to contribute, but never got around to it until yesterday. 

Yeah another crowd-funding campaign (this blog almost seems like it's becoming just for forwarding along just those, lol). 

And her campaign appears to be nearly fully funded at 88%, and 43 days left. I honestly am not surprised by that as she has a pretty good following and has been around for a number of years. Her last record Mondo Amore from 2011 I felt was her best and I recall putting it pretty high on my year end list. But the way she talks about this new record Slow Phaser, I wouldn't be surprised if this new record is even better.

Funny video there that I'm failing to find an embed code for. 

Also odd of the name of her self-formed label is "Oh'Mercy!" ..I say that because when searching on google for it, you get a A Record Label called "Oh Mercy" which may not have meant anything to Nicole when she chose a name for it, but I'm just saying, many may find that other label's site when looking for her label.

I am assuming this album will not be released until 2014, even if it is being Self-Released, given the campaign itself almost goes to the end of 2013 alone. If by some chance it comes out in December, even as a Download to the pledgers, well that would be cool and I'll post more about that when it happens.