Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bend Sinister - She Don't Give It Up (live with Orchestra)

Well fuck, that was pretty breathtaking. Although I would have been curious to hear the guitar solo done in chorus on the strings. But man, this sounds awesome with the strings!

I'd love to see/hear the rest of this set. Hopefully they'll share it soon, as they shared this in the process in finishing work on their upcoming record I guess, which could be released in early 2014.

Hey everyone, we've just been getting the mixes for the new album streaming in now and were hard at work getting everything together for a release date early 2014. In the meantime check out another video we just finished of our perfomance with the VAM orchestra. 

On Dec 7th Bend Sinister performed a set with the Vancouver Academy of Music Student orchestra at their winter concert. This is the second song we recorded from the 2012 album SMALL FAME. 

Produced Mixed and Mastered by Alex 'Condor' Aligizakis and students at Nimbus School of Recording Arts
Videography by Paul Bennett, Thomas Buchan, Hans Goksoyr
Edited By Paul Bennett
String arrangements by Doug Smith