Saturday, October 26, 2013

East of the Wall - Redaction Artifacts (2013)

I am literally just passing this along as I have not seen mention of it sadly on any of the forums and I think Facebook I saw something last week, which is a lot later than I would expect. But I've been busy and not blogging or online as much as I typically am, over the last month or more.

But I totally love 2011's The Apologist, and ever since then, have been really excited to hear what else they do. As long as they have no production/mixing issues, I wouldn't be surprised I don't at least like this. But then again, how many times have I been burned by a follow-up to a great record and its hopes? I am a little shy in reading they have a new lead guitarist and vocalist.

Release Date is October 29th. Another late-in-the-year release, which I'd love to believe things have changed, but often hurt its visibility on the year-end lists, whether it's fair or not, or if the band or fans like myself should care. I just recall The Apologist getting very little recognition back in 2011,  and worry the same could happen with this album. But I guess ultimately it shouldn't and may not matter, more than the band being happy with it and them continuing on.

This is all from their website:

This new track, titled “The Fractal Canopy,” contrasts the previously-released singles from Redaction Artifacts by exposing more of EAST OF THE WALL’s melodic side. The eight-minute prog opus, while still retaining the soul of the group’s metallic bite, references the tonal palette of 90s left-of-center alt rock like Failure and Hum as frequently as it calls back to Opeth or Converge.

Listen to “The Fractal Canopy” at eMusic now AT THIS LOCATION.

Also check out the band’s studio montage video for “Arbiters Meet” at Metal InjectionHERE.
Redaction Artifacts, the most broadly-scoped album EAST OF THE WALL has yet released, will be released on October 29th via Translation Loss Records. The vinyl version, licensed by Science Of Silence, is already available for preorder HERE. This is the first disc to feature the band’s revamped lineup, which sees guitarist/vocalist Chris Alfano moving to bass, and the addition of new lead guitarist Ray Suhy and guitarist/melodic vocalist Greg Kuter.
EAST OF THE WALL has several record release shows booked in New York, Pennsylvania and their home state New Jersey over the coming days, with widespread tour plans coming together for the months ahead.
EAST OF THE WALL Redaction Artifacts Record Release Shows:
10/25/2013 Casa De Swezey – Centereach, NY w/ Old Wounds, Cryptodira
10/26/2013 ABC No Rio (3pm Matinee) – New York, NY w/ So Hideous, Meek Is Murder
10/26/2013 The Saint – Asbury Park, NJ w/ Tidal Arms, Estella
10/27/2013 Underground Arts – Philadelphia, PA w/ Air Is Human, Harbor
Review copies of Redaction Artifacts, live coverage and interviews with EAST OF THE WALL are available worldwide now:
- East Of The Wall

1. Solving The Correspondence Problem
2. I’m Always Fighting Drago
3. Obfuscator Dye
4. The Fractal Canopy
5. Arbiters Meet
6. Third-Person Camera
7. Excessive Convulsive
8. The Methuselah Tree
9. A Negligible Senescence
10. Redaction Artifacts
11. Noir Filter

New Jersey-based progressive metal unit EAST OF THE WALL will be releasing their fourth full-length, Redaction Artifacts, on October 29th, once again through Translation Loss Records.
EAST OF THE WALL’s first record since the departure of bassist Brett Bamberger and guitarist Kevin Conway sees the band’s style expanding into a newer archetype, the sound of Redaction Artifacts surging with a more direct and driving core while the mellower and melodious atmospheres of the songwriting sound more vibrant and cohesive than ever. In Conway and Bamberger’s place, the band’s remaining members — Chris Alfano, who moved from guitar to bass, guitarist/vocalist Matt Lupo, and drummer Seth Rheam — have added Ray Suhy, a jaw-dropping guitar shredder from Portland, Maine, as well as  guitarist/vocalist Greg Kuter, who adds the strongest melodic vocal presence the band has yet had.
Redaction Artifacts is the densest EAST OF THE WALL record to date, with eleven tracks of intricately conceived genre jumping metal. The album was tracked by Eric Rachel (Municipal Waste, God Forbid, Burnt By The Sun, Skid Row) at Trax East, and Todd Hutchinsen (Zud, The Baltic Sea) at Acadia Recording, and mixed by Eric Rachel at Trax East. In addition to the digital and CD versions through Translation Loss, Science Of Silence will be releasing the record on vinyl as a double LP.

Stay tuned for tunes from Redaction Artifacts and more to hit, including the band’s first official video and more. In the meantime fans can check out the cover art and a Youtube trailer for the album and more AT THIS LOCATION.

EAST OF THE WALL has confirmed several shows over the coming weeks, including several tri-state record release shows. Expect a barrage of new tour dates to be announced over the coming weeks and into next year.
Review copies of Redaction Artifacts and interviews with EAST OF THE WALL are available NOW. Worldwide send all coverage requests to
10/13/2013 The Championship – Trenton, NJ w/ Diecast, Enemies Deceased
10/25/2013 Casa De Swezey (Record Release Show) – Centereach, NY w/ Old Wounds, Cryptodira
10/26/2013 ABC No Rio (3pm Matinee Record Release Show) – New York, NY w/ So Hideous, Meek Is Murder
10/26/2013 The Saint (Record Release Show) – Asbury Park, NJ w/ Tidal Arms, Estella
10/27/2013 TBA (Record Release Show) – Philadelphia, PA