Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Return of The Dissociatives in 2014?

What if I told you The Dissociatives had just got out of the studio? A special one off is coming your way. Stand by!

That's a post from Paul Mac's twitter last weekend.

Hell Fucking Yeah I say! The Dissociatives, the electronic-power-pop duo who made a really refreshing Self-Titled debut record that was released in 2004, with a new record, it'll be sort of a decade-reunion record of sorts.

The hipsters can pine for their Neutral Milk Hotel and The Postal Service reunion records (they both got live reunions anyway), and of course the short-lived ass-kissing of the return of My Bloody Valentine earlier this year.

But sorry, this reunion/return (whether a song or 2, an EP, or more) will hopefully mean a lot to many because for one, Daniel Johns activity has been only spotty since Silverchair's extended hibernation (although he should show up somehow on Kimbra's next LP at least). And Paul Mac, I have no clue actually, what he has done. I thought he may have done some solo work of his own, or session stuff.

But I remember in 2007 when I discovered Silverchair and this album from the help of Frank, from Fair to Midland's management, hoping, almost expecting more music coming soon. And I even recall on Myspace and their or Paul's forum, some rumors/mention.

Anyway, The Dissociatives are to me, 1 of the best examples of blending Power-Pop with other styles, since Jellyfish really. I'd put them with The New Pornographers as my favorite acts to come out in the last 10-15 years. And I always have felt they could expand, improve, extend more of what they did on that 2004 LP. Even when you listen to both Silverchair records between it, you can hear some areas where Daniel Johns may have taken them (while still being distinguishable from Silverchair).

But, this is awesome news, and another big return/reunion coming in 2014, along with Subterranean Masquerade, Kaddisfly (if not 2013), and some others.