Monday, September 2, 2013

The Crooked Fiddle Band - Moving Pieces of the Sea (2013)

released October 1st.. Rather odd, almost creepy cover. I honestly have not kept up with the details about this album until seeing some posts last week about this. Very cool this album comes out in less than 1 month!
Which hopefully will be at a point I will be listening to music at work more regularly, lol.

Moving Pieces of the Sea cover art

1. The Vanishing Shapes of a Better World 06:38
2. Puncture
3. Neptune's Fool
4. Shanti and the Singing Fish
5. The Twin Peaks, and the other peak, of Mt Kilimanjaro
6. The Deepwater Drownings, Part I
7. The Deepwater Drownings Part II - Moving Pieces of the Sea
8. The Deepwater Drownings Part 1 (radio edit) 04:21


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