Thursday, September 12, 2013

OT: Minnesota Blogger Conference Sat 10/12 Concordia University

9/12/13 9:17AM
Go Here 

if interested/curious, for the 1st round of Free Tickets as I just did.

8/15/13 11:52AM

I probably will go as I am at least a bit curious about these sort of things. I guess I can come up with a list of 5-10 best questions I wish to raise, namely about how the music media in Minnesota and music listeners/fans have basically never cited/mentioned/referred to my blog, which baffles me. But perhaps it won't baffle me so much after checking this thing out.

Also just from a schedule standpoint, this is happening the day after the Between the Buried and Me/The Faceless show at The Varsity Theater.

The specific time of it I don't see anywhere there, but I would guess it'll be a late morning/early afternoon thing.


Could "dops to" be referred to other blog/sites? I guess from the standpoint of *being first* and talking about a band or news story rumor, perhaps not directly.

But what I'm unclear about is not so much if other places are talking about stuff I did before them, but why aren't they even talking about some of the stuff I do at all. I suppose both.

But at least indirectly, like 3rd or 4th degree, I could have a claim of dops to for bands like Warpaint and Local Natives (and even Gotye and Kimbra in Minnesota at least). But as I've said, even if there were more obvious proof, those local music media sources would never cite me anyway, which in my mind would be "dops to" at least.