Thursday, September 19, 2013


Lol. I guess when google likes your blog, this stuff happens. This is maybe 4th or 5th occasion in the last couple of years that I notice the traffic going through the roof (I recall The Mars Volta topic was another such posting that found for many days, 4-digits), and I scratch my head why. People are looking for download links to albums? yeah, probably the majority of them are. But otherwise, there's still a lot more traffic than this place probably deserves.

And maybe the worst part about seeing those numbers, is I haven't actually been able to do much actual writing. Let alone my music-listening sabbatical, which I feel pretty down about day-in and day-out. It's a priorities thing. I want to keep my job, and learn my new job. And all this music that I have had no time to listen to is taking a back seat. And maybe the worst part is, I'm unclear when this sabbatical of sorts will end. At least at work. But I guess maybe my perspective is at least changing, if not improving.

Music to many is trivial entertainment. To myself, up until the last few years, and especially the last few months, it seemed like a much more important thing. But paying my bills and doing something new and different I guess has lent myself to understanding there are more things to hold important besides how many bands and albums I can find every year. And even being a pro-bono amateur reporter of sorts for a niche music fanbase (or at least pretending to be one. I'm sure plenty of people just enjoy laughing at how obsessed I can come across to be about posting/updating/announcing stuff about bands only 25 people on the internet care about).