Thursday, September 5, 2013

Protest the Hero - Volition (2013)

9/5/13 10:20PM
Preorder Link (9 different bundles?)

Volition o-card album cover.

1. Clarity 
2. Drum-Head Trial 
3. Tilting Against Windmills 
4. Without Prejudice 
5. Yellow Teeth 
6. Plato’s Tripartite 
7. A Life Embossed 
8. Mist 
9. Underbite 
10. Animal Bones 
11. Skies

Opening track "Clarity" stream

Volition o-card album cover.
Second thing's second - we have teamed up with our online store to bring you a bunch of bundles which can be seen HERE . These are for people who either missed our indie gogo launch OR for people who are interested in having both versions.  As you will see, the vinyl artwork is "coming soon" - because we want to keep you in suspense. (it's all we have anymore!)  There are a couple of cool items that are unique to this pre order.  A circular poster, flask, bath robe, and some tee designs that will only be printed here.  Check em out if you care.
Lastly, and possibly most important.  We have an exclusive stream of the first song off our new album over at Metal Sucks.  It's called Clarity - and we truly hope you spin it a bunch and like it.  (not in the FB sense of the phrase.  we just hope you dig it).
You can, and will, or wont, LISTEN TO IT HERE
As you may find out, we have finally broken the streak of having 10 songs on an album.  This album also runs a little longer than anything in the past.  This is either good news, or the worst news one can hear.  So from all of us at pth, it's either "you're welcome" or "sorry".
We still have more in the works, so stay tuned for more updates....and pupdates, if you're patient.
8/15/13 9:38AM
I'll listen and I recall supporting their Indiegogo, but I guess this is kind of a make or break for them for me. I really only find Kezia the only record that I care to listen to now. Fortress has some good tracks on it, and Scurrilous as well, but neither was really close to as good as that debut record of theirs.
I'd love to hear a comeback album though, but if they don't bring back the acoustic sections (like on Kezia) and involve Jadea more (like on Kezia), I'm skeptical. But who knows. Perhaps all that money the fans gave  improved/inspired this record more than it would have normally/been. Also the production; avoiding tambourine-toned compression on the splash and crash cymbals would be nice.
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We are proud to announce the official release date of our new album will be October 29th. It's called "Volition" and contains a couple of blazin' bangers we hope some / most of you will enjoy! We will be peacing on a North American tour beginning of November which will be announced shortly. Stay tuned for tracklisting, artwork, and all that other crap bands usually release come album time.