Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Crooked Fiddle Band - TBA (2013 or 2014?)

2/6/13 12:00PM


 $19,521 Pledged of $19,875 Target

they're SOHHHH CLOSE! $354 with 55 Hours left!

1/31/13 4:45AM

The Crooked Fiddle Band's Pozible Quest from The Crooked Fiddle Band on Vimeo.

About the Project

The Crooked Fiddle Band are about to embark on the epic quest of recording our second full-length album, and we need your help to do so. 

We've been making dark, ecstatic and energetic music since 2006 and we're proud to be completely independent. All our releases have been entirely self-funded from shows and festivals (and some credit card debts along the way). This Pozible campaign will help us fund the new recording without that debt, and means you can guarantee a copy of our new album. 

Our 2011 debut album, Overgrown Tales, was recorded by Steve Albini at his Electrical Audio studios in Chicago.

The experience at Electrical Audio was amazing - we got to record to tape on the best analogue gear, through meticulously kept vintage microphones. Engineer Albini has recorded thousands of albums and that experience enabled him to calmly approach all potential issues - even when we wanted to record an epic tune in 5 sections and dovetail edit the joins on tapes, or record drummer Joe shovelling snow outside. 

The fact that Albini's recorded a ton of our favourite albums (The Dirty Three, Nirvana, GY!BE, PJ Harvey and Joanna Newsom) is what led us to Electrical Audio, but that professionalism is what leads us back for a return trip. 

This project is all about our follow-up, tentatively titled The Deepwater Dirges.  

We've written the tunes, 45mins worth. 

We've booked the flights, the Electrical Audio Studio A with Steve Albini, and our accommodation in Chicago. 

Here's a total breakdown of the expenses to record this album:
Studio Hire                                  $7800
Engineer                                      $8400
Tape (Tracking and Mastering)     $1275
Guest Cellist                                  $800
Instrument Hire                             $500
Mastering                                    $1100
TOTAL:                                     $19 875

We'll be covering the following:
Accommodation                          $2250
Flights                                         $7530

We're asking you to help us cover the in studio costs. If we surpass that goal, we'll be able to cover the costs of producing the artwork for our album cover and maybe even manufacturing the cds.

As a reward for helping us you can get the new album, fill in your collection of tCFB back catalogue, get exclusive merch or a one-off special event. Rewards can be combined, so if more than one option takes your fancy, you can contribute for both!

In return we promise that we'll record a unique album of oceanic epics, dockland parties and deepsea melodies, all delivered in our own crooked way. We'll record without having that money stress in the back of our minds, which is definitely a relaxing notion, and we'll deliver it to you in a timely manner. 

We always appreciate the crooked community that surrounds us, your suggestions, your support and your crazy dancing. So join the crooked crew by helping get this album recorded.

For more information check out 

The Pozible promo video shot and edited by Andy Johnson, with artwork by Maia Sinclair-Ferguson and handwriting by Emily Constantine. Huge thanks to Andy, Maia and Emily for their great work!

$1,669 Pledged of A $19,875 Goal (35  Days to Go. Deadline February 7 12PM EST)

I pledged $10. This band I discovered last year being referred to as a "Frog" band (Fiddle + Prog), and playing in at least 1 progressive rock festival down under. I liken them to a bit like Gogol Bordello or some other energetic gypy punk, but they definitely emphasize musicianship and dynamics.

This upcoming record of theirs they plan to record this Spring I think, maybe not entirely, but at least partially based on how this campaign goes. This is on a site called "" another in what seems to be a extensive list of fan-funding projects sites. Kind of sad how once 1 is successful like Kickstarter, how many similar (copycat) type sites (or businesses) pop up?

But regardless of what site is doing this, of course their GOAL seems rather hard to expect, at least from my perception given their cult-ish following at best. But I've seen other bands campaigns raise these enormous dollar amounts that I would never expect (Evarusnik, Revere among others), so it wouldn't shock me to see them reach their $19K goal. How that figure was made? I don't follow exactly. Over $16K just for someone to work with them in the studio and an engineer. Jeez, fuck journalism, I might want to go to school for that if that's the rate those people can charge, lol.

At any case, this will certainly be worth paying attention to, and hopefully by early February they will meet their goal (February 7th being the deadline, save for an extension like on pledgemusic). Assuming they do, when the album is finished may not be until 2014, or maybe it'll be as early as this Summer or Fall. I'd assume that stuff will come out soon, again, assuming they reach their goal for this campaign.