Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Janelle Monáe - The Electric Lady (2013)

9/3/13 2:00PM

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The Guardian Stream (UK and others?)

8/19/13 9:03PM

3rd/New single "Primetime (ft Miguel)." Ballad. Not bad, but also not something I imagine will stand out on this record.

8/13/13 4:41PM

Wow, a double fucking album! I was a little wary about this record, and am still slightly compared to the ArchAndroid, but man, the way it looks both in concept/ambition and potential storytelling again, I'm now a little more optimistic about it.

File:Jm theelectriclady cover.jpg

Disc 1:

1. Suite IV Electric Overture

2. Givin Em What They Love (ft. Prince)

3. Q.U.E.E.N. (ft. Erykah Badu)

4. Electric Lady (ft. Solange)

5. Good Morning Midnight (Interlude)

6. PrimeTime (ft. Miguel)

7. We Were Rock & Roll

8. The Chrome Shoppe (Interlude)

9. Dance Apocalyptic

10. Look Into My Eyes
Disc 2:

11. Suite V Electric Overture

12. It's Code

13. Ghetto Woman

14. Our Favorite Fugitive (Interlude)

15. Victory

16. Can't Live Without Your Love

17. Sally Ride

18. Dorothy Dandridge Eyes (ft. Esperanza Spalding)

19. What An Experience
Bonus Tracks:
21. Q.U.E.E.N. (ft. Erykah Badu) [Wondamix]
22. Electric Lady (ft. Big Boi and Cee Lo Green) [Dungeon-Wondamix]
23. HYTB
24. I Want You Back
According to NME, the Miguel track, "Prime Time," will feature a sample of the indie-rock godfathers, The Pixie's, classic "Where Is My Mind?" 
We have a feeling this album is gunna push a lot of boundaries and bend a lot of genres. After all, this is the electric lady who adores talking about cyborgs almost as much as (and maybe more than) music!
File:Electric Lady Target.jpg

8/4/13 5:51PM-

This is apparently the cover art. I also noticed on Wikipedia, she is covering "I Want You Back" from the Jackson 5 as an exclusive bonus track with the Target store release.

7/3/13 2:13PM
New official video for "Dance Apocalyptic."

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6/28/13 7:37PM
no embed of course. I never get why it isn't embed-able since it'll probably be ripped onto Youtube within a few hours anyway.

Cool, catchy tune anyway. Can't wait to hear the whole thing in the coming months.

Stream "Dance Apocalyptic"

edit: the official video teaser below confirms the video for this song will be released on Tuesday July 2nd.

6/27/13 10:48PM

Instragram Video announcing this album is coming on September 10th, 2013

embed? I can't find it.

I can share what I have seen on Wikipedia

Prince and Miguel will be among the other guests, besides Erykah Badu on the 1st single.

Some song titles mentioned below:
-Q.U.E.E.N. (feat. Erykah Badu)
-Dorothy Dandridge Eyes
-Dance Apocalyptic
-Primetime (feat. Miguel?)

Monáe's first single from The Electric Lady, "Q.U.E.E.N.", which features Erykah Badu, premiered on SoundCloud and made available for download purchase at the Itunes Store on April 23, 2013."Q.U.E.E.N" garnered 31,000 digital sales according to Nielsen Soundscan with the accompanying music video gaining four million Youtube views within its first week of release. Thematically, 'Electric Lady' will continue the utopian cyborg concepts of its predecessors, while presenting itself in more plainspoken, personal territory in addition to experimenting with genres beyond conventional Funk and Soul such as Jazz ("Dorothy Dandridge Eyes"), Pop-Punk ("Dance Apocalyptic"), Gospel ("Victory") and woozy, sensual vocal ballads ("Primetime", slated to be a duet with Miguel). The album will so far feature confirmed guest appearances by Prince and the aforementioned Miguel with production from previous collaborator Deep Cotton (a psychedelic punk act) and Roman GianArthur (a soul music composer), and is targeted for a September release date

11/5/12 1:45AM

In June 2012, Monáe performed two new songs, "Electric Lady" and "Dorothy Dandridge Eyes" — from her upcoming sophomore studio album, The Electric Lady — at Toronto's Jazz Festival.[24][25] In July 2012, for the second year in a row, she appeared at the renowned North Sea Jazz Festival in Europe as well as in the 46th edition of the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland on the 14th.

Take the above source for what it's worth, being Wikipedia. Here's a couple of videos of the 2 songs mentioned about the album, live.

Certainly this album The Electric Lady, whenever it does come out (hopefully in 2013) is pretty high on my anticipation list. I doubt, but what if the name had some connection to either Jimi Hendrix or The Electric Ladyland studios.

Also a cool note I discovered over the weekend about Janelle in this link about Hidden songs the 8th track "Neon Gumbo" from The Archandroid (Suite II and III), when played backwards, sounds like a sequel to "Many Moons," from her debut EP Metropolis Suite I . "Many Moons" by the way, I have come to totally love, and find it as good if not better than anything off The Archandroid. There's even a cool short film/video of it.