Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Royal Veil - King of the Ocean (2013)

8/13/13 9:30AM
edit: the whole album is available to STREAM now above/their bandcamp page and buy/download what you want.

I haven't been able to listen to it in-full, due to some unforeseen circumstances with my gf's mother. It kind of puts things in perspective I guess. But I do think it's great they have made it available for free.

8/10/13 12:19AM

I saw them play this whole thing last night (August 9th, 2013), along with seeing Yes at Mystic Lake Casino in fact.

It slayed. Pretty much ballsy, intricate, dynamic, almost theatrical at-times stuff, that I while I wasn't surprised, still very impressed. They spent a long time making this debut record of theirs, and just guessing here, but I think that extra time, patience and effort may have made this album coming out all the better.

I'll try (of course time permitting) including more details about it soon in here, but I would hardly be surprised if this album is not only among, if not the best album to be released from any Minnesota band in 2013. But I also wouldn't be surprised if it ends up being 1 of my 2013 favorites overall, much like Brice Plays Drums from 2012 , Lehto & Wright in 2010, etc.

But, also it would come as no shock, if it finds only a fraction of the audience it deserves, But, that is what this blog is supposed to be for in some ways (failing, or not at that, lol). If they are my and some others little brilliant secret from Minnesota this year or however long after, it's not the end of the world, as I've seen this pattern far too many times before. It doesn't detract from the actual music and even the band continuing to make more regardless.

Maybe the most jaw-dropping part, seeing this whole album played live, was from "Into the Sun." There's a unison section that is just that, jaw-dropping, among other things.

1. The Waters 2:19
2. The Entity 4:15
3. A Circle of Violence 11:08
4. Wake 1:54
5. Tonic 4:42
6. Into the Sun 7:06
7. Battletoad 9:49
8. Entity ü 2:25