Monday, August 5, 2013

The Orion Experience - NYC Girl

This band was recommended to me by a friend of mine on twitter/facebook/lastfm named Sara. She is responsible for some other gem suggestions like Timmy Sean and Emanuel & the Fear among others.

Well, this song "NYC Girl" is catchy as all fuck. Unfortunately it's a couple of years old, coming off an an EP from 2011. And now this band The Orion Experience seem to be doing some different things in the vein of Rocky Horror Picture Show as more of a theatrical/live performance art almost, sort of focus.Although even with the teaser and website below, and a little turnover in membership? I don't know enough about them to know exactly if they are just doing this live spectacle, or still looking to record stuff like the music on the site and trailer, or NYC Girl and the other tracks on that EP.

They are from NYC anyway, which I don't think it's much of a coincidence, so many of these electro/artsy/dramatic/theatrical groups seem to be based there. And they also formed around the time many of the others I know did in 2005. Their 1st LP Cosmic Candy is quite different though, more straight Power-Pop; kind of similar to groups like The Apples in Stereo, The New Pornographers or even Fountains of Wayne, all of which do not come from NYC ironically.

None the less, I do like this band and will try and keep tabs on them. I just wonder if their future for recording music may not be as important as this "off-broadway" show of theirs which unless it tours nationally, I doubt I'd ever be able to see.