Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Orion Experience - Children of the Stars (2013)

I hopefully will be able to check this album out tomorrow. But before doing so, just thinking out loud, I wonder

Will this album be cheesy or actually be cool avoiding being too cheesy and melodramatic?

The band were cool enough to send me an Electronic Press Kit with a lot of info, images, quotes, descriptions, and much more. 

The NYC Girl EP is quite good, hopefully this record will include more music of that vein. Although for some reason, with the space element, I wonder if some of it may resemble Chrome Canyon, or dare I say, my beloved Apes and Androids (they do come across similarly, but, I would be frankly, SHOCKED if I ended up even half as a attached to this album as Blood Moon, although I sort of thought the same thing about Pepe Deluxe last year afterall).

Some of the stuff in the EPK makes a lot comparisons. some to bands like the Scissor Sisters, MGMT but also Queen, Muse and Prince among a few dozen others among the track list.

One other note I'm not fully clear on, about the info and press release saying this is being released on August 15th, yet it has been available for sale (digitally at least), since June 21st per both Amazon and CD Baby.

Maybe the CD goes on sale on the 15th? The Press release also mentioned it is/has been for sale at these largely dramatic spectacle shows, which Google reveals a Kickstarter link to, which explains why they have been able to make them Broadway-like productions in some ways it appears.

1 In the Beginning    0:44
2 Children of the Stars    4:33
3 S.T.A.R. Child            3:40
4 Electric Moves            3:13
5 Made 4 You    3:16
6 The Eternal Connection 1:03
7 Heart in My Pocket    3:24
8 Dandy            3:03
9 The Deepest Darkness  1:03
10 Win It All    3:57
11 Heaven            4:16
12 The Cosmic Dawn    0:23
13 Love Saves the Day    3:55

Announces the Release of New Electro-Pop Concept Album
CHILDREN OF THE STARS on August 15, 2013
THE ORION EXPERIENCE, An Intergalactic Theatrical Rock Concert Adventure
Constructed Around Music by the Band, to Play Off-Broadway at
XL Nightclub in NYC Beginning August 1

NEW YORK – July 18, 2013 – THE ORION EXPERIENCE is set to release their new electro-pop album
CHILDREN OF THE STARS on August 15, 2013. Inspired by the writings of famed astronomer Carl Sagan,
NYC-based THE ORION EXPERIENCE has created a mythical tale told through monologues with an
otherworldly resonance.

THE ORION EXPERIENCE lead singer Orion Simprini has always had an obsession with outer space, and
CHILDREN OF THE STARS is the musical love child of that infatuation. A departure from their previous
works, the largely electronic and synthesized music illustrates an inter-dimensional love story, a spiritual
awakening, and tales of heartbreak and hope, infused with a futuristic ambiance. Just as the concept takes
listeners on a journey, the music travels through the eras and styles that have influenced the band. This album
gives listeners a glimpse of what they will see when they attend the new Off-Broadway show THE ORION
EXPERIENCE. Beginning August 1 at XL Nightclub (512 West 42nd St.) in New York City, the immersive
intergalactic rock concert extravaganza is built around music by the band.
CHILDREN OF THE STARS truly draws musical influences from an array of different genres including pop,
rock, electronic, dance, disco, and Top 40. Simprini, along with co-writers, Linda Horwatt, and Reef Rox write
clever lyrics, with tricks up their sleeves at every juncture. Repeat listening reveals their subtleties. What is a
Star Child? Lyrical definitions of the acronym S.T.A.R. include: “Super-sonic Techno-tramp Androgynous
Renascent” and “Sensual Telepathy Alter my Reality.” THE ORION EXPERIENCE is also defined by intricate
vocal arrangements, never taking the easy way out by using typical pop harmonies, which further
demonstrates their musicality. Listeners are reminded that love trumps all – that in a time when chaos, war,
and disaster seem to cloud our lives, if “you believe in love, then love saves the day.”
According to Orion, named appropriately by his astronomer father, who grew up “the first time vinyl records
were cool,” albums once were listened to straight through. CHILDREN OF THE STARS strives to recreate
that experience for the listener. “While it is possible, of course, to buy the individual tracks on iTunes, we hope
listeners will treat this as a true concept album,” says Simprini. “We invite listeners to partake in the relaxation
method of their choice, and then consume the album in one sitting, as one whole piece.”
Songs featured on CHILDREN OF THE STARS that will be featured in the Off-Broadway production of THE
ORION EXPERIENCE include the tracks “Children of the Stars,” “S.T.A.R. Child,” “Electric Moves,” “Made 4
You,” “Heart In My Pocket,” “Win It All,” and “Love Saves the Day,” as well as songs from their three previous
albums, and a new track written for the show. Their music is enhanced by dancers, aerialists, a space ship, a
sassy talking computer, fog machines, space vampires, cocktails, and much more.
Hear two tracks from the album/show now!

“Love Saves the Day” –
“Children of the Stars” –

The band THE ORION EXPERIENCE is an explosion of high-energy disco pop. Superbly crafted pop
songwriting and irresistible hooks are their calling card. THE ORION EXPERIENCE is: Orion Simprini (lead
vocals/rhythm guitar), Linda Horwatt (vocals/keyboards), and Reef Rox (lead guitar/vocals, who also has a coproducer
credit on the album).
Digital copies of CHILDREN OF THE STARS are available now through iTunes. Physical CDs will be
available for purchase at the show THE ORION EXPERIENCE, and later (along with limited edition vinyl
records) on the band’s website.
Tickets to THE ORION EXPERIENCE at XL Nightclub (Directed by Travis Greisler and presented by Ryan
Bogner) are available at, by calling 212-352-3101, or at the venue.
For further information, please visit:
For press inquiries about the band and album, please contact:
Aly Mifa Solot
It’s Probably Music
For press inquiries about the show, please contact:
Ryan Turrin / Alex Goldschmidt
The Karpel Group /