Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Mars Volta 15 Unreleased B-Sides/Demos: FREE

from "The Comatorium" the fans forum.  FREE DOWNLOAD LINK HERE

I don't go there as often as I used to, mainly because ever since the band broke up, it's changed in look, traffic, and overall feel. It actually did a few years back after the site crashed I recall.

anyway, credit (where I 1st just saw it) goes to Lorenzo with Altprogcore Blog Post

his descriptions:

1 - 14 (possible outtake from Noctourniquet LP)
2 - 98d87 (Molochwalker demo)
3 - cmv8 (Sea is Rising demo)
4 - dp (Omar Rodriguez-Lopez possible only demo)
5 - EF4 (possible Casate Colmillo demo)
6 - eog-3
7 - f39h (elements later used in the live version of Trinkets Pale of Moon)
8 - f9h0 (another possible Casate Colmillo demo)
9 - K49 (possible outtake from Octahedron LP)
10 - pi4 (possible Happiness demo)
11 - QR5 `
12 - s [FQW (similar to the first track on the collection)
13 - XV8 (possible New York City demo or Asco Que Conmueve Los Puntos Erogenos demo)
14 - y2g (Vicarious Atonement demo)
15 - ytj6 (also similar to the first track on the collection)

these may not be anything amazing, but especially given we may never get any more from the band, I'm at least curious to check them out. And I did enjoy Noctourniquet, quite a bit.