Monday, August 19, 2013

Station 4 shutdown for the Summer/for Improvements

 8/19/13 11:53AM
CP article

So they are shutdown at least until January. My friend aka That Drummer Guy's concerns about it never reopening again might still hold true sadly. And even if it does, if there is some truth to that article (done by CP and Reed Fischer, I can't necessarily have 100% confidence to be honest), the venue that may reopen may not even be catered for Metal.

Which, honestly, just plain sucks. But, I also worry on a larger level, what the Light Rail in downtown St.Paul could do to downtown St.Paul as a whole. We don't need another wannabe-NYC downtown.

We also do not be any means need another CABOOZE, lol.

I hope (almost predict), if whatever may reopen there is not catered towards Metal, ANOTHER VENUE opens up within 5 years that books National/International Metal acts just to combat how much that place may have changed.

I mean jeezus, all they really needed was some fucking AIR CONDITIONING and an improvement in the SIGHTLINES and SOUND SYSTEM. But of course that sounds like it's far too much to do right now, lol.

Hipsters influence? yeah, I would hardly be surprised.

6/6/13 11:53AM
I've given my opinion about Station 4 over the years, or when it was known as The Lab and the 4th Street Station. And the recent Pain of Salvation non-show doesn't help, although that had nothing to do with their venue.

And I guess they have installed AC recently, which is a big thing in their favor. I also don't wish any ill-will to them. But perhaps this situation will force them to finally get their shit together and be the best or only real proper venue for not only Metal, but it seems like Prog.

I would love to feel this place is much preferred to First Ave and others, and with some improvements it could be. But for this Summer, they are out of commission to do just that hopefully.


The building owners of 201 4th Street (Station 4's building) have been engaged in an 18 month battle with the City of St Paul over the City's desire for new ventilation. The City has granted the building owners two extensions, the latest of which expires on June 7th. Station 4 will have to close for 80-90 days to complete the ventilation work because it will lack a Certificate of Occupancy until the new system is approved.

Unfortunately, this means after Friday’s show we will be closed until Labor Day.

I have been dreading writing this as we were hoping to get an extension from the city so that the shows already scheduled this summer could happen. I myself have a big show scheduled next week that now will be canceled.

The good news is that when we re-open in September, we will have a new HVAC system. In other words, no more ungodly heat! It just sucks that we have to shut down to get it.

That’s all I can tell you for now. For anyone who has any shows scheduled, we are sorry. This is now out of our control. We will work to try to reschedule for the fall. As far as National shows, refunds are available at point of purchase.

I will keep things updated on this page when I know what’s going on. I am just a guy who runs the Facebook page. I do not have much power.

Thank you to all of our patrons. While this is a really crappy way to do it, we all know a remodel is needed.

Thank you.