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The Reign of Kindo - Play With Fire (2013)

8/5/13 10:11PM
I got my copy in the mail today (finally, I actually had to email Candyrat which alerted them to the fact my order never was never completed, even though they thought it was).

But here's the lyrics to I Hate Music as I mentioned below.  I'll possibly add more to this, now that I finally have a physical copy. But I've already moved it to 2nd on the 2013 rym list  which I try and add-to/edit somewhat regularly.

I Hate Music

Sometimes it's easy to ignore
If it's forgettable
Sometimes it's magic to the soul
And claims you for its own
But every now and then I hear a sound that breaks the spell
Whoever puts that garbage on the air must love the smell

I can't do this
People call it music but I'm not sure
If there's a difference between the set of blueprints
for radio and just plain noise

I turn my television on to pass me through the night
I'm watching fools try to sing an awful song they didn't even write
I know some tool is just sitting at a desk pulling the strings
They shove their garbage acts down every dial the towers reach

I hate music if that's what you call music, but I don't know
Who approves the shit they pass for music on these shows?
There's no difference between the set of blueprints
for radio and failure

There was a time you couldn't fake your game
They turned the red light on and you delivered the goods
Or you were chased off stage by someone else who could
You were making magic or you couldn't make (nothing) at all

I hate music
If that's what you call music, that's for sure,
If you're amused by the poly-sonic zoo, well, it's all yours
Every day there's a new song being played that sounds like hell
Whoever puts that garbage on the air must love the smell

You can listen to whatever you like
I'll try and keep it bottled up inside
But don't pretend it's not polluting the world
as it plays on and on and on and on

Somewhere they must have lost their way
And threw their souls out for attention and fame
Their taste is bad, their opinions are wrong,
They make awful shit but the radio keeps playing their songs

7/30/13 1:50AM
The Album comes out finally today! (hopefully it'll be in my mailbox given it was supposed have shipped on Thursday).

They just shared (embedded below) the 2nd of 6 studio sessions videos. This one for "Dust."

I also should add a DJ named Min Lee, at the Clear Channel-owned Adult Contemporary Rock/Pop station Cities 97 KTCZ wrote an article about The Reign of Kindo HERE the other day . It was frankly, pretty shocking. But perhaps that could mean they and this album may finally break them through somewhat, at least to the point they can LIVE OFF their music and TOUR outside of the Northeast and Brazil of all places, lol.

Dust Lyrics
It's not too late to start again, to start again, to start again
It's never too late to turn around, to double back and change your mind
After all from dust we came and to dust we shall return
So I'll see you on the horizon
I'll see you there at the break of dawn

Sweat comes pouring down your face, you built your life around this place
Feel the heat as the flames arise and burn it down before your eyes
After all from dust we came and to dust we shall return
Yeah I'll see you on the horizon

I'll see you there at dawn

We once were children building castles in the sand
We'd smash them back into the land
We'd call it all good fun
Well now we build them big and tall
We weep and cry each time they fall
Then we hurry on to build again

We try so hard to leave a mark
We end up mostly leaving scars
Dig our toes in, sink our teeth in,
We want our names in history
But no one will remember you
And why on earth do you want them to?
The greatest men in history are now just names of what they used to be

After all from dust we came and to dust we shall return
So I'll see you on the horizon
I'll see you there

7/23/13 5:56AM-6:00PM

edit: you can also get a free download if your PRE-ORDERED the cd


Love it. 1st of 6? videos that were helped funded by their Indiegogo campaign.

I keep asking myself, will these guys blow up from this record? and my initial feeling is, likely no chance, but then again I think about how Youtube is used significantly, even since This Is What Happens, and perhaps they will have a chance. Blow up, maybe to the level of at least The Dear Hunter or even bands like Fair to Midland or dredg.

I just think their music has enough appeal to reach a wider audience than it has, if the right exposure happens, they may. But I think if it does, it'll likely be with this record/cycle.

Published on Jul 22, 2013
"Play with Fire" CD available at

Visit The Reign of Kindo at

'Romancing A Stranger' performed by The Reign of Kindo

Recorded Live with no overdubs.

Joey Secchiaroli - Vocals + Guitar
Danny Pizarro - Piano
Steven Padin - Drum Kit + Percussion
Jeffrey Jarvis - Bass Guitar
Mike Carroll - Percussion
Geraldo Castillo - Percussion
Jay Jennings - Trumpet & Synth
Darren Escar - Tenor Sax
Brian Sanders - Cello
Hannah Levinson - Viola
Carolin Pook - Violin
Frederika Krier - Violin
Julia Adamy - Upright Bass
The Doyle Brothers (Ryan Doyle, Todd Doyle) - Vocals
Stephanie Weatherly - Vocals
Kate Mills - Vocals

Performances mixed by Joey Secchiaroli

Director / Editor: Jon Hoeg
Producer: Ant Gentile

Steadicam Op: Brandon Sumner

Camera Operators:

Derek Sexton Horani
Nicole Januarie
Montana Leonard
Jason Lee
Lenny Emery

Production Assistants:

Chris Gentile
Charles Choice

Romancing A Stranger
I found the roses that I bought her
She threw them on the street
She doesn't love me
And all the letters that I sent her
She never wrote to say
She's thinking of me
All the words that I could say
All the looks I sent her way
To make her love me
With one look upon her face
She puts me in my place
She's high above me
Oh, it's plain enough to see
She doesn't love me
Oh, but her love is all I need
Oh my dear
I have changed the way I speak to please your ears
I listen only to the words that you revere
And I've renounced the things I love to draw you near
Tell me what else would you change?
What else do you find strange when you think of me?
If you'd give me some more time,
I'll be made to your design so you can love me
Her jokes, all quite awful,
Still I'm certain to laugh to a strain
I dwell in discomfort
But if she looks my way it's worth the pain
She may tell me she prefers a cup of tea that I despise
So I'll choke it down and smile to see approval in her eyes
She may may not like my opinions so in silence they'll reside
But Godforbid
if she thinks me just a fool
I've carefully played this game to an endless despair
If she says jump, I'll ask how high
Over mountains, through the sky
To the stars and then beyond so she'd be mine
I've earned a few smiles, I've heard a kind word here and there,
But I must face the morning air,
How pathetic that I've cared
For the romance of a stranger's

7/22/13 12:00PM-6:45PM

Gawd damn I LOVE this album! The lyrics for "I Hate Music" are PURE GOLD and totally WHAT I AND MANY OTHERS have said COUNTLESS TIMES about the public's perception of "music" and the "music industry"..and I would not only include the likes of Bieber, The Voice/American Idol..but shit like PITCHFORK MEDIA and even the HIPSTER RADIO STATIONS/MAGAZINES/BLOGS etc.

Kindo totally nailed it on that 1. Too bad' there's a few profanities, otherwise I would look to play it on KFAI. But I definitely want to transcribe the lyrics in here for that track and maybe others.

I can't wait to get my hardcopy in the mail next week. FUCK.,

Heard it and it's definitely an album of the year contender. Although the rip I am hearing, a few tracks have some slightly hot cymbals. But I guess I'll see how much that matters long term.

But man, I love the trumpet arrangements on this record, and how every track features different things.

"Don't Haze Me" for example has this gigantic build in the middle."Sing When No One's Around" stands out, "Impossible World" and the almost afro-cuban feel it includes in parts, and then the ending leads to a SWING-like part. The slide-guitar on "Dust" along with part of the off-beat rhythm made me think of Tangled Thoughts of Leaving.

"I Hate Music" and the infectious as hell groove it includes.

Loving-this-album and how much I foresee it will have to explore.

6/29/13 10:56PM

"Play with Fire", is The Reign of Kindo's 3rd full length record and 1st with newest member Danny Pizarro Jr. on piano. Newly relocated to New York City as a base, Kindo has released possibly their best record yet.
The record starts out with "The Hero, The Saint, The Tyrant, and The Terrorist a song that screams "The Reign of Kindo" and would be a fit on any thier first two records. "Help It" has a killer bass line and sounds like every band member is having a musical conversation with one another, a perfectly in sync and melodic conversation. "Sing When No Ones Around" is more guitar driven than past records and the percussion kills when it comes in. "Dust" is a brilliant tune pulsing with rythym and slide guitar licks.
Rare is it to find modern music that pinpoints the middle ground between a respect for past greats and a boldness to pave tomorrow. This is, quite modestly, the definition of The Reign of Kindo. Citing influences from Dave Brubeck to Ben Folds to Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto to John Mayer, there's not a degree of pomposity in this sound, just an honesty in the group's craft to blend such diverse influences into an identity
Worldwide release date July 30th, 2013

Pre-order CD $14.95 (Ships on July 25th)

6/24/13 10:50AM - 6/25/13 5:55AM

Here's a potential track list and artwork per a Topic on Absolutepunk 
Where "Manwood/Basement" is? perhaps it got renamed to "The Man, the Wood & the Stone"?


1. The Hero, the Saint, the Tyrant & the Terrorist
2. Help It
3. Sing When No One's Around
4. Dust
5. Impossible World
6. Don't Haze Me
7. Feeling in the Night
8. Make a Sound
9. Sunshine
10. Romancing a Stranger
11. I Hate Music
12. The Man, the Wood & the Stone

Poppy, but it's still them. I like the samples too.

Available per CANDYRAT's Site

5/28/13 9:35AM


5/7/13 5:50AM

May 28th: 1st single Feeling in the Night
June 25th: 2nd single Sunshine
July 30th: Album Released

Hey folks!

This is long overdue...but you can finally mark your calendars. It's official:

On July 30th, we will be releasing our new full length record, 'Play With Fire'. You'll be able to purchase it on itunes, and Physical copies can be purchased exclusively at

What to do until then? I'm glad I asked:

On May 28th we will be releasing our debut single, 'Feeling In The Night' available on all of those same outlets.

On June 25th we will be releasing our second single, 'Sunshine'.

Two breadcrumbs leading to a giant musical pizza.

Thank you and bless you all.


4/21/13 4:21PM

6 VIDEOS Indiegogo Campaign

The Reign Of Kindo - Indiegogo Campaign Video - Help Us Produce Our Next Live-In-Studio Videos! from Joseph Secchiaroli on Vimeo.

Song titles?
"Play With Fire Overture"
"The Hero, The Saint, The Tyrant & The Terrorist"
"Serpent Race"

I bet they reach their goal within a week or less. They may even receive in the ballpark of $30K or $40K before the campaign ends.

Obviously the below, previous posting is not accurate since Play With Fire hasn't come out yet, but it looks like it could be released in the next couple of months (1 of the contribution levels says June I noticed).

10/16/12 12:09PM

Our new album, 'Play With Fire', is going to be released February/March. WE PROMISE!!!!! That might seem a bit later than you guys want, and we apologize that it's been taking so long. We don't, however, feel bad. The fact of the matter is, the music we make with each other is of the utmost importance to us. It is part of what we'll leave behind on this earth forever, and we've come to realize that there are people out there relating to, enjoying and even being deeply affected by what we create as Kindo. That is something that sinks in a little more everyday, and it is one of the most precious blessings that any of us have in our lives. This album is among the most exciting things I have ever, ever been a part of. There was a night in my parents driveway a few years ago when I was listening to a mix of 'flowers by the moon'; a couple minutes into the song I was fighting tears as I thought about how grateful I was to be a part of this band. This album brought a similar moment. I let the tears come listening to an idea Danny brought to us...'Don't Haze Me'. I realized, without an arrogant or conceited bone in my body, that I was a part of something very special. We are our music, and having people to share it with is mind blowing. So we figured we'd do it right. And when guys have marriages, jobs, live in different cities and tour with other artists, things like making an album of a lifetime take a minute or two. If you're a fan of Kindo though... I can pretty confidently tell you that it's going to be worth the wait. -s

Just look below and you can stream the new song "Manwood/Basement" which is pretty sweet. More to add in due time.