Monday, August 5, 2013

Protest the Hero: Campaign $147K and counting

8/5/13 9:54PM

up/pup/vocal date. I wonder if it'll be coming out this year, but if not, probably a relatively early 2014 release.

We are the booze. from Rody Walker on Vimeo.

1/16/13 6:04PM

Protest the Hero NEW ALBUM Crowd Funder from Luke Hoskin on Vimeo.

Funny video. They are already at $147K with a goal of $125K and they have 29 days left, LOL. I'm not incredibly surprised by that though given Protest has a size-able fan base. Not quite what Amanda Palmer has, but still, among all the Kickstarters and other campaigns that have happened over the last couple of years, they might be the 2nd or 3rd most well known/successful act to do one of these that I follow. With that much time left, I am rather curious to see what their final contribution number ends up at. $250K maybe?

I am on the fence about putting money towards this, especially given they already met their goal. And the fact Scurrilous was rather disappointing and Fortress I've felt more or less since the year it came out, to be disappointing overall, compared to Kezia. I'm not sure if they'll ever make a record as good as Kezia again. Even after bringing back Jadea Kelly on Scurrilous. They still haven't made those wonderful acoustic passages like they did on Kezia among other things. Not to forget the cymbals clipped I recall frequently on both Scurrilous and Fortress, yet they barely did at all on Kezia (which is odd, given mixing you'd think would IMPROVE with each release, not DECLINE).

But I gotta give them props for this video and when their next LP is available to check out, I certainly will want to listen no matter.