Monday, December 31, 2012

Shelter Red New Studio Video

I've been reading updates on facebook from this band about their new record for maybe close to 2 years, and as of the last couple months, their yet to be announced titled new album is nearly ready to go. Recorded/Tracked etc..maybe mixing and mastering along with stuff like artwork and a track order (and a title) are needed. And then of course HOW it gets released. Bandcamp? I could see it anyway.

But for those unfamiliar, Shelter Red are what I may call a progressive post metal band of a sort who made a really great record in 2009 titled Strike a Mortal Terror. And with a band like Russian Circles sort of jumping a shark or two, and Long Distance Calling last record not being quite what I hoped, I'm hoping these guys have a new record to fill that proggy post metal fix.

But of course, once all the details are available, I'll be sure to add another new entry with them. But just a heads up about the video and for myself and others to keep Shelter Red in mind as far as upcoming records for 2013.