Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Short update

I hopefully will have a bit of time this afternoon to get back to my overdue/pastdue 2012 Album Index. However, an Editorial/Explanation about Life, the Universe and Everything from myself in my usual Soapbox kind of style really should come with it or soon before or after.

Dean Magraw with Davu and Claudia Schmidt are at Black Dog Cafe tonight again at 7PM, which will be my 1st Dean at the Dog show in a few months (not to mention my favorite Cuban Sandwich and their Carmel Apple Cider in season).

But time should allow soon hopefully for this stuff. Can I fire myself for being late? well, I dunno, maybe :p..or maybe a dock in pay, which would be of course, a whole $0 deducted from my non-existent paycheck, haha.

edit: Well I am now finally at Black Dog at 7:47PM. Long story, which may be long, or may be not so long. But right now I am inside Black Dog, but there are not any open tables or seats on the performers side of the  venue, so I'm strictly *listening* right now, rather than watching and listening.

1a) I have not come to see Dean both in December nor with Claudia Schmidt here, as the 1st time I recall coming here to see Dean, I believe was last February.

1b) It's totally fucking crowded here. Like, I don't think the shows in the Summer had even half this many people at Black Dog. Which on the surface sucks, but I guess I can't be upset because I like Dean and Black Dog. And Claudia  Schmidt I know has a following.

1c) I could not find a place to park. The crowd size I suspect has something to do with that. I am sadly paying for parking for the 1st time in ages in downtown St.Paul

1d) I could not track down 1 of the shared service centers in downtown St.Paul. I need to go back to google and find them, and maybe physically drive to them, to finally know where they are, so I never run into having to draw cash out and pay a chincy fee.

2) On the flip side, I did run into both Marc from KFAI and Mr.Fun who I recall seeing at the last show of Dean played at Black Dog, back in October.

3) I would not expect these circumstances again for the January/February/March etc shows , unless Dean gets with a performer with a following like Claudia Schmidt to come down here again. The fact this is during December, the so-called "Holiday Season" even if it's a Tuesday night, probably also adds to the crowd size tonight.

The Cuban Sandwich and Carmel Apple Cider killed though, so that helped makeup for these unforeseen circumstances.