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Rush inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

12/13/12 12:35AM

I just stumbled upon an interesting website
Here's just a few things they provided about this year's Inductees

The good, the bad and the ugly of the 2013 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee announcement:

The Good:

  • Quincy Jones was finally inducted into the Rock Hall. Whatever history there may or may not have been between Jones and the Rock Hall was set aside to do the right thing.
  • Public Enemy getting inducted on the first ballot. It may have seemed like a foregone conclusion, but the Rock Hall sometimes whiffs on these no-brainers.
  • Rush getting its first nomination and promptly getting ushered into the Hall of Fame, like they should have been there all along.
  • The death of the blackball. Will the inductions of Rush and Jones, and the nomination of Deep Purple, put to rest all of the conspiracy theories about a blacklist?
  • No back door inductions. The Rock Hall shouldn’t get credit for not doing something absurd, but we should at least acknowledge that all of the inductees are in their proper categories this year.
  • Keeping the induction ceremonies open to the public. Let’s hope this is a permanent change and that New York will get an induction ceremony at Madison Square Garden next year.
  • Involving Flea in the induction announcement. It’s a great idea to make a bigger deal out of the Hall of Fame induction process by including enthusiastic Hall of Famers like Flea.
  • The predictions. Maybe the Rock Hall is getting a little more predictable, but fellow Rock Hall expert, Tom Lane, nailed all six performer inductees back on October 25th.
  • Amazing. Our predictions are here.

The Bad:

  • The snubs. Let’s face it, the Rock Hall could have easily inducted 12 of the 15 nominees. It’s great that the Rock Hall is now inducting six performers instead of the usual five, but the back log of snubbed artists keeps getting longer and longer. 
  • The ballot rules. Why does the Rock Hall let its Voting Committee only vote for five names when there are going to be six inductees?
  • The Rock Hall completely neglected the Early Influence and Musical Excellence categories this year. This is puzzling, since there are still plenty of deserving candidates.
  • Speaking of Early Influences, the Rock Hall still hasn’t set up a “Veteran’s Committee” or “Pioneer’s Committee” to properly address the pre-Elvis era. This should be a no-brainer for the Hall of Fame since no one would be opposed to this. There likely won’t be a live stream available of the induction ceremony since HBO holds the rights to the edited broadcast. The Rock Hall was ahead of the curve on this back in 2007, but they have given in to their broadcast partners.

The Ugly:

  • The comments on the Rock Hall’s Facebook posts.
  • The Rock Hall’s handling of the announcement press event. No live video of the announcement? Are you serious?
  • Rolling Stone infuriating every other publication by jumping the gun on the announcement embargo.
  • The official fan poll. Joel Peresman announced that there were over 500,000 votes from the public, but that only counted as a single ballot among the 600 cast (or is it 500?).
  • The 50% “rule.” The Rock Hall still has on its website that inductees are required to appear on at least 50% of the ballots to be inducted. This is demonstrably false. Like any other year, there are things to criticize about the inductees, but on the whole, this year will be seen as a positive step for the Rock Hall.

The list of "Snubs" is quite interesting, as it's kind of a summary of a lot of the artists that have been eligible, and how often they even got nominated. Many artists have been eligible for well into 2 decades and still have not even been nominated once.

Artist            YE     Nom
Afrika Bambaataa   7   1
The B-52's 8 0
Bad Company 13 0
Barry White 14 0
Big Star 15 0
Björk 10 0
Black Flag 9 0
Bon Jovi 4 1
The Buzzcocks 10 0
Can 19 0
The Carpenters 18 0
The Cars 9 0
Cat Stevens 21 1
Cheap Trick 10 0
Chic 10 7
Chicago 18 0
Connie Francis 29 0
The Cure 9 1
The Dead Kennedys8 0
Deep Purple 19 1
Def Leppard 8 0
Depeche Mode 6 0
Devo 9 0
Dick Dale 25 0
Dire Straits 9 0
The Doobie Brothers 16 0
Duran Duran 6 0
ELO       16 0
ELP 17 0
Eric B. & Rakim 1 1
Eurythmics 6 0
Faith No More 2 0
The Flaming Lips 3 0
Gram Parsons 20 3
Hall & Oates 15 0
Harry Nilsson 20 0
Hüsker Dü 6 0
INXS 7 0
Iron Maiden 8 0
The Jam 10 0
Jan & Dean 27 0
Jane's Addiction0 0
Janet Jackson 5 0
Jethro Tull 19 0
Jim Croce 21 0
Johnny Burnette and the Rock N Roll Trio 31 0
Journey 12 0
Joy Division 9 0
Judas Priest 13 0
Kate Bush 9 0
King Crimson 18 0
KISS 13 1
Kraftwerk 16 2
Linda Ronstadt 18 0
Link Wray 27 0
LL Cool J 3 2
Love 21 0
The Marvelettes 26 1
Mary Wells 26 2
MC5 21 1
Megadeth 2 0
The Monkees 21 0
The Moody Blues 23 0
Mötley Crüe 6 0
Motörhead 10 0
My Bloody Valentine 2 0
N.W.A 0 1
New Order 6 0
New York Dolls 14 1
Nick Cave 3 0
Nick Drake 18 0
Pantera 4 0
Peter Gabriel 10 0
Peter, Paul & Mary 25 0
Pixies 0 0
Procol Harum 20 1
The Replacements 6 0
Roxy Music 15 0
The Runaways 11 0
Scott Walker 21 0
Silver Apples 19 0
Slayer 4 0
The Smiths 4 0
Sonic Youth 5 0
Soundgarden 1 0
Sparks       16 0
The Specials 8 0
The Spinners 26 1
Steppenwolf 19 0
Steve Miller Band 19 0
Stevie Ray Vaughan 4 0
Stone Roses 2 0
T. Rex 19 0
Television 12 0
Thin Lizzy 16 0
Tommy James & the Shondells 21 0
War 16 2
Warren Zevon 18 0
"Weird Al" Yankovic 8 0
Whitney Houston 3 0
X 9 0
XTC 10 0
Yes 18 0
The Zombies 23 0

12/12/12 5:30PM
A couple of links of streams/discusssions:

edit: I still mean to elaborate on this either in this entry, or another. Time of course, that elusive thing. Hopefully either tonight or maybe tomorrow sometime. I will quickly add, I for some reason think Jethro Tull is the next prog band that will get in. Why I say that is they were more accepted by the masses and hipsters than Yes for some reason. They won a Grammy and just don't receive the wank stereotype that Yes (and ELP even more so) receive, thus more people will probably vote for them. But to me, other than Purple and some other early/heavy Psych/Prog, YES is the obvious next name that should get in.

Anyway, hopefully more soon about that.

12/11/12 1:35PM

Rush, Heart, Public Enemy, Randy Newman, Donna Summer, Quincy Jones and Albert King. No Deep Purple or Procol Harum (or NWA for that matter). I'll add more later, mainly about PROG and the Rock Hall, sort of updating the Genesis post from a few years ago. But in the mean time..


Why not for the rest: Sorry Rush fans (some of whom already begrudge me), but those musical wizards haven't cast their spell on rock outside of their fanatical fanbase. Kraftwerk’s influence is cultish, and its albums are generally overrated. Joan Jett and Heart are among’s rock’s greatest heroines but were otherwise not all that pioneering or unforgettable musically. The Butterfield Blues Band also did not brand much original music nor was it a major presence. The Marvelletes and Procol Harum are B-listers at best.

hey Chris Riemenschneider, care to eat some crow?