Monday, December 3, 2012

Vuvuzela - Rings and Things (Official Video)

Interesting video, which sort of reminds me of if the kid from Where the Wild Things Are was fixating on Lord of the Rings or Camelot. I'm not sure if the kid could be Josh Benash as-a-kid? just guessing. But like most of Kiss Kiss's videos, there's always a humor and quirkiness to it. This though, doesn't seem so political.

Now the messages about the contest that just ended, are now moot because the contest did just end, and Vuvuzela just lost I think, to some band called Fashions. I'm not sure all what they would have won, other than more exposure and a few others things. But hey, the winners of American Idol have sucked compared to the Runner's Up. Even Bend Sinister only finished 3rd in the Peak Performance Contest back in 2009? but the bands who finished ahead of them? I wonder if they are doing as well as Bend Sinister have since, as they have seen more growth, exposure and success in the last couple of years (especially this year), as they ever have.

Perhaps finishing so close will garner some unexpected attention for Vuvuzela. Let's hope.