Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Cloud Cult - Love (2013)

1/2/13 11:55AM

new single "1x1x1"

I got an email to download it being that I preordered this record not sure by "sampling" it refers to just hearing a clip, or the whole song. Their morning show did play the whole song this morning. Good song, from what I caught (the last couple of minutes). It sounded almost like an older era CC tune with much better production.

Even a bit like something off  The Meaning of 8  ("2 by 2 by 2").

Why 89.3 got this exclusive premiere? largely due to the fact they have CC headlining their 8th Annual Birthday show, which as much as I'd love to see CC, I don't think I could be paid to see the other acts (although I suppose I could just show up late/when CC are projected to go on). But it's a moot point for myself anyway given I shall be seeing Champions of Nothing perform the music of Kevin Gilbert and the complete The Shaming of the True in Milwaukee instead. 

12/7/12 2:16PM
preorder link

Drop date is March 5th. Yea, boi!

1 You’re the Only Thing in Your Way        
2 It’s Your Decision        
3 Complicated Creation        
4 1x1x1        
5 All the Things We Couldn’t See        
6 The Calling        
7 Love & the First Law of Thermodynamics        
8 Good Friend        
9 Meet Me Where You’re Going        
10 Sleepwalker        
11 It Takes a Lot        
12 Catharsis        
13 The Show Starts Now   

1st single: