Tuesday, August 17, 2010

dredg - TBA (2011)

Okay, some stuff has come out in the last few weeks about the guys recording their next album soon. And then just today they posted on twitter

Yesterday, we began working on our 5th record w/ musician/producer Dan the Automator. Recording it in SF. Looking at an early 2011 release.

if some may recall, Dan the Automator did a sweet remix of "Sang Real" around the time of Catch.

and then this happened back in March

As far as what this album is going to include. The material that I know of and am remembering right now, from the past that at least was worked on/written, etc that certainly could be considered, are the following songs/demos.

Blood Stains
Fucking Smile 2
Holding a Remedy Potion
Push Away
Can We Start Over?/Time Will Tell
Where I'll End up
Wondrous Miracle
It's Not Worth It
Doo Dee Doo Dee

The Ornament (the full song, not Matroshka obviously)
The Warbler (the song off Live at the Fillmore)

Who knows, the guys might have done some new stuff they never demo-ed or played live.

Also by the way, last year when Pariah leaked, this blog somehow ended up attracting many hits. While that's great and all, I just hope it doesn't find it's way to being linked on these spammy sites and being treated as anything official. It's amayyyyzeen how easily that stuff can happen.

I'm just a fucking fan, like 10's of thousands of others out there.

But I suppose the fact comments are disabled (for good reason) should reduce that kind of thing.

Among the songs I'm the most excited to hear on record, "Can We Start Over?/Time Will Tell" and "Holding a Remedy Potion" are probably the most.