Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bruce Peninsula - TBA (2011)

This could be on it.

Some info posted on The Mars Volta Fans forum about what they are doing. The post there doesn't say a ton about details, but this 2nd LP of theirs is being mixed right now and is expected in March or April of 2011.

Bruce Peninsula's 2009 debut LP A Mountain is a Mouth of course I kind of got addicted to a few months ago. And I don't recall if I ever actually reviewed it (a quick search would reveal that of course, but I'm lazy :p).

But certainly this is great news. Sadly, they seem to be another band whose rather good, but in my vague/low-expectations on the boards, I still have not seen much interest in. Save for on the Volta forum there, where I originally saw their name.

Maybe it's a Canadian thing like Bend Sinister? lol. And perhaps this 2nd record of theirs will reach a larger audience.